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    Mass Effect 3 Fans Will Find Closure June 26th

    No. This video makes a pretty good case. What I wanted was not more of the shitty nonsensical and destructive ending that we got. I want actual endings. New endings. For one I seem to specifically recall that one of the endings would be that the reapers would win. Where was that? We have...
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    Poll: Do expensive HDMI cables actually make a difference?

    No. It's digital; data is carried through high and low voltage representing 1s and 0s. The signal will either get there or it won't. It doesn't matter how 'well' it gets there. Besides, material quality has greatly improved over the years anyway, so even if quality did matter, you would still...
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    Poll: Does DRM ever actually affect your purchase?

    I'm fine with Steam; it's actually a good service and the DRM is un-intrusive enough that I usually don't notice it at all. You even get to play your games offline, though it requires a few steps... that may be the result of a bug because apparently you don't need to do those steps if your...
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    Poll: Poll: Do you name your character in Legend of Zelda games Link? Or something else?

    There's this story some guy made where his copy of Majora's Mask was possessed by a malevolent ghost or something called 'Ben'. I forget what the series is called, but I know one memorable quote is "You shouldn't have done that."
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    You first "**** This" Moment in Gaming

    Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. While the AC-130U, Bomber and Helicopter stages are interesting aideas, Dogfight Mode controls like ASS. It's a horrible idea, every engagement gets so close-in compared to earlier titles (Even before you use DFM), and the plane controls aren't smooth at all; it all...
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    Sexist Ad Lands EB Games Australia In Trouble

    Very lacking in tact and forethought. I can't speak to the actual levels of sexism present among the people who thought this drivel was a good idea, but this was a very bad idea regardless. I don't really care what they were going for, but the whole "women don't like 'core' games" idea seriously...
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    What makes us human?

    What is a human? Easy; Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Primates Family: Hominidae Tribe: Hominini Genus: Homo Species: H. sapiens That isn't philosophical at all. A philosophical question would be "What is a person?". There are a bunch of different...
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    Sexsim: have the tables actually turned?

    Rights of parenthood, full stop. Especially in cases where the man has been the primary carer, and became a 'househusband' because it 1) made financial sense and 2) both agreed to it. A shocking amount of the time the woman appears to loose respect for the man and ends up in divorce. A lot of...
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    Poll: Okay fellow (male) escapists! BOOBIES!

    Small - flat, in the A or B range. I don't think there's anything wrong with large breasts, I just find smaller more attractive. *shrug*
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    When does someone deserve death?

    For one murder? No, that isn't adequate reason to sentence someone to death. It isn't even really a punishment since it's basically an easy escape from any real consequences (i.e. a long prison sentence). No opportunity to learn and become better either, though arguably that wouldn't really...
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    Ethics (General Discussion)

    I suppose I am mostly of Egalitarian views; everyone should be able to do whatever they want as long as it does not result in the harm of another person's property or... well, person. Though it does get a lot more complicated. Some scrutiny should be brought to people that do things that will...
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    Poll: UK Citizenship Quiz

    I have to agree. Now, some political things I don't have an excuse for I suppose beyond not caring about politics, but why should I care when the first census was taken, or why a recruitment center was set up somewhere? Or anyone, for that matter?
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    Let's All Be Nice to Duke Nukem Forever

    The game in and of itself wasn't that bad; perhaps bland and boring a lot of the time, but it had some fun moments. What I have a problem with is that Duke is a misogynist asshole. Before people say he was before; no, he wasn't. Before he was just an idiot, and he was funny like that, but...
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    Is this racist, does my teacher have a right to punish me for this?

    It is discrimination; it's just the reasonable kind, like how you discriminate between favourite foods or flavours of ice-cream or how you like to be entertained. Noun discrimination (plural discriminations) 1) a distinction; discernment, the act of discriminating, discerning...
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    Love Blooms in New Skyward Sword Trailer

    It's their noses that really bother me. Although Links' mouth does look really fucking strange at 1:29 because of the way it looks when open. Though I think this is the first time a romantic subtext has ever been explicitly stated between Link and Zelda, so it could be interesting... IF...