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    Final Fantasy XIV is AbleGamers' Accessible Game of the Year

    We (our group from here) love this game... But one of our people got hacked and all the money from the guild bank was stolen. It's been a week and we still haven't gotten any news from Square on it they're going to restore it or not. Their customer service is terrible. The hackers and gil...
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    Is There an Antivirus Software That's Better Than Another for Gaming?

    Thanks for this thread. After last night when one of our FC (guild) members in FFXIV got hacked and stole our guild bank's entire coffer (all our money for housing was in there...) I'm downloading Avast! to compliment AVG. Hope it helps.
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    Project Zomboid Now Has Multiplayer, Players Will Run Servers

    Fantastic. It'll give my sister and I something new to play, since all our gil was just stolen in FFXIV and we doubt it'll get returned. We've enjoyed the game for a few years now as it is.
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    Final Fantasy VI Mobile Releases, Adds Typos

    My favourite game of all time. I had been hoping for a bigger, better remake. I'm a bit disappointed. I don't think I'll get this.
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    If you could live in any game world...

    As soon as we get our house in FFXIV:ARR, I'd live there. Beautiful everywhere you go. Real weather patterns. Dangerous too, but dammit I want my beach house. I have it all designed in my head, we just need to double our money right now. Our house will be up the hill on the right, behind...
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    Knights of Badassdom Gets Release Dates

    I did not know about this. Now I have to see it. I have to see it so bad.
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    If you could drop at all and move... would you?

    I'm her sister. I don't have anything keeping me here either, but the only thing I'm worried about is the cat. I don't want to be directly responsible for his death. He doesn't take to change well at all. Hell, even moving furniture around upsets him. I'm kinda apathetic about the whole...
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    Getting your hair cut.

    I keep my hair long (female) because i think it looks best, my face is way too chubby to wear it short. But I usually tie it up for work, or braid it if I'm not doing anything that day. Getting my hair cut isn't a problem, as one of my best friends is a hair dresser. She knows how I wear my...
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    People who've never taken alcohol or drugs

    I drink occasionally, but not much at all. Around holidays, a drink or two once or twice a week, and the rest of the year maybe one glass of wine every few months. Never done drugs, even with plenty of opportunity. I don't see the appeal. I like being in complete control of myself.
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    Movies that made you cry that you thought wouldn't.

    I cry during movies with huge wars. I guess it's just the thought that thousands of families were destroyed for something most of them didn't even care about, let alone chose to fight for. And that this happens all the time in real life. That being said, when a single person dies I almost...
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    Bosses and Boss fights that make you go "F*** this, F*** that, I am not fighting him/her! I AM OUT!"

    As soon as I saw video of Extreme Mode Titan in FFXIV, I was like "Fuck that, NO, nope, no." Titan HM is rough enough. I've only ever beaten hm once, and I was dead for the last 20%.
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    What do you want for Christmas?

    I can't honestly think of anything I need, or even want that isn't a stupid luxury item that just upgrades what I already have that's perfectly functional. Maybe a maid service to come in and clean for me, as I'm lazy about that. That's about all I can think of.
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    Would you date your avatar?

    Hm, would I date Eraph? Probably. A well meaning, if hot headed 20 something boy... Hm. Well, I dunno, actually. He does rather have a temper, and can be an idiot about women. Eh, he's hot. I would.
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    I sometimes stop what I'm doing and look around my house and go "... Oh. When did I become a grown up?" And then I realise I don't like it at all, I don't want to be grown up yet. I'm only 30, I'm not ready for it yet. Even though I have a house and car and job and all that jazz. And then I...
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    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Obtains PS4 Release Date

    Half of us only pop on once or twice during the week, but we're on a lot on the weekends. There's lots you can do solo. I work part time, and mainly evening shifts or weekends, so I'm further than anyone else in gear progression at end game. I also have the most crafting classes and gathering...