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    Your favorite album nobody has heard of.

    Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone Foreground Eclipse
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    Jimquisition: Let's End the FPS Sausage-fest

    Actually, Peyalo was kinda of a bad ass. She was downed, injured, dying and was still firing her serviceman pistol while you're trying to rescue her (Only survivor of the chopper crash). Plus, being a chopper pilot inherently means bad assery. Just sayin' really. Mass Effect was much better...
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    Do you feel bad about "the starving kids in Africa" ?

    Funraisers? Awesome. I'd like to inflate some fun and raise it above my head. Any idea where I can by this amazing inflatable fun?
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    Trailers: Mass Effect 3 - Take Back Earth Trailer

    Damn... Well, talk about getting people psyched. This is the first time I've seen Shepard genuinely angry and in rage. In the previous two, while s/he displayed emotion, it was nothing like the cold fury on his/her face in this trailer. Kudos to Bioware for being able to show such emotion...
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    Favourite Team Fortress 2 tactics?

    Headshots. Headshots, headshots and more headshots. Only way to be a decent sniper.
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    The most disturbing fan fiction you have ever read.

    Naruto Vengeance Revelations-Just ugh. So bad. Chunin Exam Day- Ugh, such bad Peggy Sue 90% of the fics for small fandoms. Still haven't found any TWGOK fics.
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    how do you find new anime?

    4Chan and TvTropes. All the animu I will ever need. If you'll excuse me, I have manga to read.
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    If you were to get a life-sized figurine of any fictional character...

    Um Um.... Luka Megurine (The Vocaloid). Can't help it. I love the songs people make using her. Either that, or Haruhi Suzumiya, Nagato Yuki, Konata, Miuyki, and Mikuru Asahina.
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    Ever feel sorry for the enemies you've killed in a game?

    The grunts from Halo. They were so cute and innocent.... The civilians in MW2.
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    what scares you?

    Loneliness, through and through
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    alright guys...can you help me with this? (school related)

    Coloring books. Fuck yeah. On topic, Fiction-Fantasy/Sci-Fi
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    What's in the other tab?

    Um... TvTropes. And 25 tabs of more TvTropes. TvTropesHasRuinedMyLife.....
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    Do you fear death?

    Always was a question that came back to me. Insomnia's a *****. Anyway, do I fear Death? Don't we all? I have bonds and relationships on Earth. Friends and Loved Ones. They're important to me. The reason for my existence. I certainly do not want to leave them. How ever, death is inevitable and...
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    Poll: What OS(s) are you using?

    Mac OSX Lion on my desktop. 7 for work computers.
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    Worst/Most irritating medical condition you've ever had?

    For some reason, when ever I go out in the back country for an extended period of time, I get sick. First time at Northern Tier, I contracted Cholera. At Philmont, I was hit with tonsillitis. Both times were in the first few days of the trek. Both robbed me of my strength and left me weak. In...