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    Unexpected moments of Horror in Non-Horror Games

    For me it's the town of Andale in Fallout 3. I was just wandering around and came across this town with a giant sign claiming to be the happiest place in Virginia. But the families that lived there were just so happy and contently avoiding the subject of the nuclear winter going on outside. It...
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    Here's a Free ESO beta key. First come First serve.

    The people behind ESO keep sending me keys even though every single time i ask them to stop inviting me to the beta. I played about 2 months ago during the NDA and was thoroughly disappointed. People kept telling me its beta and its not finished yet. But the truth was that every thing i disliked...
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    Is anyone else tired of buying incomplete games?

    Look at 2 recent games that came out in the past year, Bioshock infinite and dishonored. Both games got really high praise from both critics and fans alike. I bought both games and have to admit that they were both really fun to play. Each game how ever had some really sad side characters...
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    Poll: Has a game made you cry?

    I cried at the end of the Tales of Symphonia. I was just so mind blown at that ending. It was the first time I've ever done that. Sadly I can't remember any other game that's done that to me before.
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    Films that you regret watching

    The Hunger Games- Terrible acting(main protagonist's emotions range from bland to crying over the death of a friend you barely know) and little to no info if you haven't read the books. Overall very confusing on how the system works and why certain things are done. Example: why did the area...
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    Games you got 100% in?

    Tales of Symphonia as far as upgrades secret bosses/weapons and weird random dialogs spread across the world. I don't believe there was a lvl cap as far as I was aware so I didn't go for that.
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    Poll: Will Bethesda's next big title suffer in sales because of Skyrim's notorious glitchiness?

    I find it funny about how many people complain about needing multi save points. I ran into about 5 quests total that were bugged and unable to complete. Thanks to the fact I play on a PC i just looked up the coding and fixed them in console myself. About 2-3 Mins per bug and i'm more then...
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    Saddest Moments in a Video Game

    The ending to Tales of Symphonia. When the Group goes their separate ways.
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    Saddest Moments in a Video Game

    The ending to Tales of Symphonia. When the Group goes their separate ways.
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    Leveling destruction with a forge in Skyrim.

    I just accidentally ran over a forge when trying to jump it in Windhelm. Upon getting burned I leveled up in destruction. Confused I started testing the forge more and learned that each time you get burned it gives you experience in destruction. I can now level destruction by running back and...
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    Sexism against men

    I'm having trouble finding the article but there was a case in which a rapist used as his defense that the women orgasmed during the rape. Therefore making it not a rape case but just anonymous sex. Women get turned on by things touching their privates too but the bottom line is rape is unwanted...
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    Anime #4- Cosplay: If you were to go to a convention or Comicon or whatever, who would you be?

    Kratos Aurion from tales of symphonia because of his story line.
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    Would you stay in a relationship with someone you loved if there was going to be no sex, garuanteed?

    Honestly sounds like alot of internet dating. No sex yet you care deeply for the other person. Then again that usually only lasts until they meet irl.