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    XBLA rips off Canadians.

    People aren't allowed to complain about prices between Canada and America. Australia's the place that gets truly ripped off, all the time. For instance, on Steam, a new game would cost $50-$60US. In Australia, these same games cost between $70-$90US when accessing from an Australian IP and...
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    My Experience with MW3 on PC So Far...

    Have you by any chance watched Total Biscuit's "WTF is" video on Modern Warfare 3? Your rant and his video is uncannily similar, did you by any chance see this video? Or ARE you Total Biscuit? Obviously, these concerns are quite prominent, but some phrases you've used are extremely similar...
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    My Experience with MW3 on PC So Far...

    Double post, ignore.
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    This "cod hate" is getting out of hand.

    The difference between the CoD series and the other ones you've listed here is that the other games aren't being released on a yearly basis (Assassin's Creed the exception here). Furthermore, these other games always come with engine improvements, gameplay enhancements, story development, etc...
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    How much do you care about your Gamertag?

    You shouldn't care what people think of your gamertag. Let them berate you, but you're the sad one if you get bothered by it. Hell, my tag on League of Legends is xXxLeGoLaSxXx, just to make people rage at how terribly bad it is. And for anyone who plays, I also constantly roll Ashe.
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    Poll: Who wants a Red Dead Redemption 2?

    This. This so so so so so so so much. There are no good pirate games, and given that Rockstar makes awesome open-world games with great graphics and gritty characters, there is absolutely zero reason this shouldn't be made.
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    Steve Jobs Steals GDC Thunder with iPad 2 Announcement

    He's just telling it like it is. Stop defending anything to do with Apple on this site. They aren't gods, and they don't always make perfect products. For the record, the Escapist makes fun of Microsoft just as much. Ease off a bit will ya?
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    Poll: fps gaming and melee attacks, which style do you prefer?

    Personally, I'd like to see a "two hit" melee system implemented into games. I could see it working with the heavy feel of Killzone or another relatively slow-paced FPS. The first melee attack would be a sort of knock-back/stun attack, weakening the player and taking control away from them...
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    An HTC Desire HD. I love it. Personally when I got it I didn't think I'd use it for anything more than calls and texting, but with a 4.3" screen I couldn't help chucking some TV shows on it.
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    Should MMO's have more player interaction?

    Two absolutely brilliant ideas. The tricky bit here is getting an MMO developer to take notice of these sorts of things.
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    Portal 2 Has Cross-Platform Play (between PS3 and PC/Mac)

    goddamn, people are stupid.
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    Portal 2 Has Cross-Platform Play (between PS3 and PC/Mac)

    I don't know if someone's already beaten me to it, but this only went up very recently on IGN. Source: The first thing I think when I read this is that PS3 players will be at a disadvantage, but considering that there is only co-operative...
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    Atlus's Cursed Crusade Aims a Crossbow at Demon's Souls

    Atlus wouldn't be the ones making Demon's Souls 2 even if it were being made. They published it in America. That's it. They had nothing to do with it's creation, and considering a lot of the game was already in English I doubt they had to do much tweaking. Japanese developer From Software made...
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    Uncharted 3 Gameplay Footage: Now With More Gameplay

    Ah, I get you. That point didn't come across in your earlier posts, but I follow now. Huzzah for continued discussion. I'd go so far as to say that perhaps Naughty Dog went for the regenerative health because it's become such a staple a lot of games don't even bother explaining it. I suppose...
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    Uncharted 3 Gameplay Footage: Now With More Gameplay

    Bolded for emphasis. They are not trying to emulate or replicate action flicks. They are trying to capture the feel, sure, but not to copy it to the letter. Games and movies are very different beasts. Sure, in a movie, they can choose how the scene plays out, the hero managing to get through the...