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    Trailers: Rise of the Tomb Raider - E3 Trailer

    can't wait for the 3rd game. dawn of the tomb raider
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    Ubisoft Won't Release A Finished Wii U Game Until Nintendo Sells More Consoles

    if i had to guess to try and build hype around the game..... or they have their heads up their asses i honestly am not sure
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    Indie Director Rumored For Sony's Metal Gear Solid Movie

    if i had to guess they will only bring in mantis, sniper wolf, and ocelot as the main villains with liquid being the twist near the end. they could use vulcan raven but i can't see that fight scene being more than five minutes. what i'm interested in knowing is how they plan on doing the codec...
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    Tips for Fighting Games

    honestly i always used the female fighters to get used to a new fighting game. the girls tend to be faster characters so after awhile you get the hang of pulling off combos and blocking. as for my favorite games 1. injustice- if you like dc comics this game is a love letter to you. 2. Mortal...
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    Zero Punctuation: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - $40 Demo

    im in the same boat as you. being a metal gear fan i had to play it the day it came out, and an hour later i felt like i was the one having a bomb pulled out of me. as for kojami admitting its a rip off he actually went on record saying you can get a hundred hours out of playing it over and over...
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    Top Ten Video Games

    humm this is going to be tough 1. metal gear solid 1 2 and 3. honestly i have played them all so much and i still can't decide which i love more 2. batman arkham city 3. spyro year of the dragon 4. pokemon silver 5. skyrim 6. red dead redemption 7. spec ops the line 8. far cry 3 9. x...
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    To live on campus or off...

    live on campus at least for your first year. i lived two years on and two off and almost all of my friends i graduated with i met while living in the dorms.
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    Relationships and gaming

    Umm just tell her to go over to a friends house if shes bored. Its not that hard to keep yourself occupied while someone plays a game. Also if shes making you quite playing games with your friends to play with her it sounds like you have a clinger
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    Will CoD Ghosts rival GTA V in profits come launch day?

    i don't believe it will but it will be close. i've met people who only get cod and maybe two other games a year and as long as the quality of the multiplayer holds up people will keep coming back.
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    Games where the main character's reputation matches what you can do in game

    damn everyone already said batman. well john marshton from red dead was a badass cowboy, and sgt. walker is a haunted badass from spec opps
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    Xbox One Won't Support External Storage At Launch

    so what is the advantage of this thing over the 360 or ps3. because other than graphics my ps3 seems to be able to do as much if not more than the xbox1
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    The best of the worst: So bad it's good.

    game -bionic commando. if you can get by the loading times, bad voice acting lack of a plot and the dumbest twist ever it has its moments movie- manthing. forget the avengers this is the greatest marvel movie ever created
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    Trailers: Deadpool - Launch Trailer

    calling it now yatzee's first words of his review for this game will be 'spiderman all is forgiven' lol
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    Super Smash Bros. Director Talks 3DS, Wii U Version Differences

    what i'm wondering is if every character in the previous games will be coming back. i just want snake back so i can snap the wii fit trainers neck
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    I'm not scared about XBone as a Halo Lover

    I dont think theres anything to worry about. No matter what people are still goingto buy the xbone. I might not sell as well as the ps4 but it will sell