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    WARNING! this is a real threat to basic human freedoms!

    so why isn't every news media talking about and getting people mad you think they react badly to something used in communist china and other similar countries
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    The most disturbing fan fiction you have ever read.

    well let's see recently red a bioshock fanfic where Sofia lamb gets raped by a big daddy then Eleanor lamb drags her mother by the hair into barrels of water, piss, then acid. still get chills just thinking about it
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    design your ultimate video game villian

    pretty much the guy you like to play the villain role in your perfect game, for me mix Albert wesker with doctor's who The Master
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    You are proclaimed "Evil Overlord of Earth", what do you do first?

    get rid of EA, congress, wall street, the beiber kid, and everyone i don't like and throw them towards a black hole then set up a harem
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    For 5 minutes, you have the entire world's attention

    STOP ELECTING MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Prove your existence.

    I think, i feel, i make mistakes, therefore i exist in the world
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    Ever read a book so bad that you actaully stopped reading?

    the hunger games the first one was good but the rest of them were confusing and hopped all over the place don't bother reading it
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    The most obscure game you own.

    when i was a kid i picked Xgra from game stop before they became hated by everyone i got it on a whim and still enjoy it to this day
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    Favorite internet meme? not mine
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    Has/did your school ever pull a dick move?

    well lets see the vending machines were locked during lunch hours and they had us go to school in the middle of a huge snow storm then tried dismissing early to save their but all it did was led to was hysteria in the bus loop
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    Did Twilight really suck that much?

    so somebody else figure that out thank you the main reason i hate it is between nerd rage and the absolute bland story
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    LucasFilms Confirms adding "NOOOOOO!" to Return of the Jedi

    with the ways he keeps raping it I'm ashamed to even know anything about the franchise it's a good universe but Lucas keeps destroying everything good like Indiana Jones, battlefront, timespitters, and now star wars. please kill George or get him away from the controls
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    Welcome to Fallout town: What do you do now?

    the only thing i'm qualified for is to set a caravan charge too much for stimpacks and pray that i don't run into bloodthirsty raiders
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    what is "that weapon or powerup" that pisses you off

    for the record this is basically any weapon or powerup that you do your best to avoid and the powerup that takes away your weapon doesn't count