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    [POLITICS] If Trump is Innocent, he should prove it

    No, you're asking for someone to prove that something doesn't exist -- guilt. In the absence of proof of guilt, innocence is presumed. Or, at least, should be presumed.
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    [POLITICS] If Trump is Innocent, he should prove it

    I would ask if people are aware that you can't prove a negative, but I strongly suspect that's exactly the point.
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    Avengers' Endgame

    But it doesn't make sense, not in the least. Even if you grant Thanos' point, that life inevitably and catastrophically overwhelms resources -- and frankly there's no in-universe evidence we've seen to support that -- all his 'solution' does is kick the can down the road a generation or two...
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    Song Cover Appreciation Thread

    Weezer is about the last band on earth I would have expected to do a cover of Africa, let alone do it well.
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    How much does product placement ruin your immersion?

    I generally don't notice, or, at least, care. The Supe's IHOP thing was more than a bit egregious, but it's one of the few I recall offhand. Except... Krispy Kreme. Granted, Power Rangers wasn't a great movie even without that, though it does have a bit of "so bad it's good" appeal if I'm...
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    Nintendo Switch & Xbox One cross play ad for Minecraft

    FFXI [] (the first Final Fantasy MMO) was available on the PS2 (with hard drive), PS3 (in compatibility mode, before that went the way of the dodo), PC, and Xbox 360 (OG Xbox was considerd, but the HD was too small), all played on the same server. A...
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    Wreck it Ralph 2

    There is no greater love than the love of a mouse for its house. It would have to be titled "Rule 34". 'Good' probably wouldn't be the proper descriptor, though. /shudder
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    I saw Solo and I have opinions.

    Different strokes, I suppose, but to me the Marvel movies have been consistently entertaining, if lacking in depth, whilst the Star Wars movies have been... There. Yeah... There. That's about the extent of it. Mind, I've been wary of anything Star Wars since seeing the first Prequel. The...
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    Roseanne cancelled

    This is the part I'm finding a tad confusing. It's not like any of this is out of character for Barr, or, by historic Roseanne Barr standards, even particularly egregious. The whole "We're shocked -- SHOCKED! -- to find out that Roseanne Barr is a grade-A fruitloop who routinely pops off with...
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    Best female protagonists in gaming?

    Another vote for Aya Brea, by far my favorite video game protagonist of all time. honorable mention goes to reboot Lara Croft, Sylvanas Windrunner (pre-Garrosh 2.0 turn, anyway), and Kate Walker.
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    Avast ye mateys, Sea of Thieves should have stayed in Davy Jones' Locker for a little longer.

    I keep seeing this, but honestly I don't think it's very fair. No Man's Sky was a disaster in large part because of grandiose promises, bragged about features that were nowhere to be found, and gameplay videos that presented something far better than the game that was delivered. Whatever...
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    Is Spiderman: Homecoming even remotely good?

    If not for Keaton and his amazing realization-in-the-car scene, I probably would have forgotten everything about the movie an hour after watching it. It's not a bad movie by any stretch, just not particularly good and, outside of Keaton's performance, nothing at all memorable.
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    Dexter's Laboratory was the greatest modern kid's cartoon ever made.

    Remind me to hurt you later, Dexter.
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    Ethics And Morality In Superhero Stories

    A while back there was two parallel series called Irredeemable and Incorruptible []. Irredeemable dealt with a Superman expy called The Plutonian who goes batshit crazy and, seemingly overnight, goes from being Earth's greatest hero...
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    Your most Unpopular Media Opinion

    Oh, and to add another to my list of movie puzzlements, the last Spidey movie. Everyone seemed to love it, I just found it... Serviceable. The whole "Aunt May is sexy" thing passed into the creepzone long before they were done, Tony's on-again/off-again/on-again support was more than a tad...