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    Niantic Has Removed All Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon GO Accounts for "Fairness"

    When Pokemon Go first came out I had hope for the game, I would tell friends who were playing that "IF" Niantic can work quickly and start adding stuff to the game, we might just have a true blue Pokemon world. Niantic has since shown their success was a complete fluke and they haven't the...
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    New Power Rangers image

    I actually kinda like this promo image. Its a pretty well framed colorful visual interesting picture. Hows the movie gunna be? No fucking clue, I can't even make a safe bet. The design looks pretty colorful, like each suit is made of a space gem, and that gives me hope that the movie will be a...
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    Odd things that annoy you from bad works of fiction

    Thanks for posting all of those, it was a fun little reminder of those movies, some cool fights, and as you mentioned, how goofy a battle can seem when seemingly from the back to the front of any battle, there are individual fights and members of all sides on, well, ALL SIDES! As for me...
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    Original Arkham games actually look better than the remaster

    Whew boy... DC just cannot get there shit together. I know this isn't technicly their fault, WB has never had their shit together and is now 100% just looking for a quick buck by selling their only huge major hit to a market that doesn't have the original available (Due to WB trying to make a...
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    New Total War: Warhammer Trailer Shows Off Chaos Warriors

    Here's a little bit you might like, a Total Warhammer already exists, for Medieval II, right here Its actually really fucking good, with a fully working current version that's sick as hell, and a new version coming soon...
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    New Total War: Warhammer Trailer Shows Off Chaos Warriors

    I just can't support Creative Assembly nor Games Workshop anymore. Both have put out some amazing creations, but for the last 5 years each has gotten horribly greedy and cared less and less for their player base. CA rrrreeeaallly burnt alot of fans of theirs with less stability, modability, and...
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    Ex Machina Questions. Spoilers within.

    This forum has been fantastic to read, thank you all! I'm glad to see some real discussion about this film, which is a mark to its quality if nothing else is. Its great to see people with opinion's and takeaways entirely different, some look at the AI women as pure machines equivalent to cars...
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    MacGyver to Be Rebooted as Television Show, Then Movie

    Ehhhhhh... Anything that gets a movie and a TV deal at the same time doesn't speak of anything but desperate marketing to me. This entire project reeks of it. I don't think anything deserves a movie when the TV show hasn't proven itself, and vice versa. I won't be seeing either with how greedy...
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    REPORT: Electronic Arts Announces Episodic Format for All Games

    Whew... You had me goin there till I saw the TACO at the end. I've seen EA execs talk this pompously and shit on PC users before so it was actually sounding pretty terrifyingly plausible the whole way through hahaha good one TACO, good one.
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    No Dual Audio For Western Release of Fire Emblem Fates

    I don't know... The ONLY things I've heard about this game, not actively seeking info, is that this and that feature has been cut from the western release. Why would one in the western world want this game then? Its seeming to me that it is getting less and less care towards and equal western...
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    An Angolan Rebel's Family Sues Activision Over Call of Duty: Black Ops II

    True dat! His depiction is cartoonish, its COD, EVERYTHINGS over the top. However when it comes to this depictions momentary portrayal and the person its portraying, all COD shows is a violent man. Its wacky and obviously "too" violent to be true (A grenade launcher and a machete are not...
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    Will DRM Finally Beat Piracy? Notorious Cracking Forum Says Yes

    The longest time I've put into any MMO was with WoW, about a year. I didn't pay a dime. There's a billion private servers, true, often not perfect working versions of the game, but good enough to have huge player bases and role playing guilds, which I was a part of. They kept up with the...
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    Poll: Would you want Bioware to make KotOR 3?

    Obsidian would be a cool choice, though I believe they aren't actually that superb at making games. They do understand their source material though, and have a damn good writing team that can add alot of mystery and cool concepts to any story they're working with... They just can't ever...
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    New Fallout 4 patch patches out (some) shadows

    Nope, no confirmation whatsoever given, nor can your opinion the game was rushed out be any sort of valid when you've never played the game. Its fucking great, buy it, its got a lot of problems, but isn't even close to skimpy on content, nor does it feel rushed out at all.
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    6 Ways Game of Thrones Surpasses Its Source Material

    I love the show because it has now diverged from its source material. Some points of the books it does add to and craft beautifully, however so much is changed and committed, the show runners themselves have opted to tell a different story breaking from the same beginnings as the book's story...