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    The Escapist Presents: The Escapists Blow Up The Death Star!

    I really enjoyed that! It was absolutely terrible, but in that really entertaining way :)
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    Disney Acquires Lucasfilm

    I was a bit "meh" about all this, then i realized; "Holy shit! This means it's okay for Star Wars to appear in a Kingdom Hearts game!"
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    Adult Circumcision

    Yeah, if you try now, the head basically won't fit through the foreskin and if it does; getting it sheathed again is extremely difficult and painful. It was actually what alerted me to the problem. When me and the wife would get frisky, i'd have to spend twenty minutes with lubricant trying to...
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    Adult Circumcision

    Been there Bro. Last year i had the same problem and circumcision was the only option for me. A few pointers; 1. I was in work the same night as my operation, a bit sore (obviously) but baggy underwear and baggy pants will make a world of difference. It's not that big a problem. 2. Be...
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    Future of PS3 Skyrim DLC Uncertain

    Every time i read a story about Bethesda's work on PS3; I notice that at no point are they mentioning what the problem actually is.
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    Square Enix Lets You Earn Gameplay by Watching Ads

    I'm willing to give this system a go, for the same reason i'm happy to watch ads before internet videos: You have to make revenue somehow, why not in a moderately unintrusive way?
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    Bethesda "Disappointed" There's No PS3 Skyrim DLC Yet

    I'm just tired of waiting now. Bethesda can go fuck themselves with how long the PS3 DLC's take. I sat through this bullshit with Fallout 3, and when that arrived it broke the damn game until a patch that took 6 months to appear.
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    Neon Genesis Evangelion

    Love everything about the show, including the two different endings. The subtle hints as to what is *actually* going on in the Rebuild movies are genuinely mind blowing. OT; love the strip. Long known that this strip required a sense of humour about things i love.
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    Update: Sony Abandons The Last Guardian Trademark

    At first i was like; Then the update hit and i was like; And now i just want the damn game already.
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    Caught having sex

    Caught once at a friend's flat. I was the only person who could roll a joint, so the girl who owned the flat walked in and froze. "Join in or get out." I said. She left, we finished, i am now a legend among my friends. Like a Boss.
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    Words that gamers use that make you CRINGE!

    My sister actually says, out loud; "lol lol lol" I've taken to hitting her over the back of the head every time she does it now. OT: Noob. We were all noobs once. I actually try to help noobs where/if i can. That apparently makes me a "Noobtard" EDIT; Gay being used in a derogatory...
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    Spaaaaaaaaace ships

    How could i forget these?
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    Cheating AI

    Yeah 6 wasn't too bad, (actually managed to get the Platinum on it! Twice! Long story...) But almost all fighting games from Namco in recent years are surprisingly difficult. Soul Calibur 4's challenge fights were ridiculous.
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    Cheating AI

    All the Tekken's after Tekken 3. After reaching near God-like status on Tekken 3, i pop in Tekken 4 and think; "Most of the characters still have the same move lists and work the same way, i should rule at this." 20 minutes later, i'm throwing my pad at the wall because Yoshimitsu just...
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    Spaaaaaaaaace ships

    Anything from the R-Type universe But specifically the R-100 "Curtain Call"