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    What are the pros and benefits of a Mac?

    As an avid Linux user I may be biased but I can see only one reason to buy a Mac; you don't know a thing about computers and don't have any friends who can set one up for you. They're ridiculously overpriced and incredibly restrictive, offering no real benefits apart from being easier for the...
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    Poll: Windows 8

    Nope, after Windows XP I switched to to Linux and I see nothing in Windows 8 which would make me want to buy it.
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    Sony: Casual Games Are Just "an Addictive Diversion"

    He's right; they're the same game done with the same storyline. On topic, I don't think casual games are going to go away, there's too much money to be made in them. But I think calling casual games an "addictive diversion" is true, but it's also true for 'hardcore' games. And books.
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    Joss Whedon Signs on for Avengers 2, Marvel TV Series

    I like the sound of that. A Spider-Man whose actor can actually play Peter Parker, an X-Men where Cyclops isn't a whiny little *****, a Daredevil or Fantastic Four which don't completely suck. I'm no fan of Joss Whedon, the Avengers is the only thing he's ever done that I've liked, but this...
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    Poll: Why do people hate 3D?

    I don't hate 3D, it's just that I've only seen it used in one of two ways. As a gimmick for it's own sake, with things coming out of the screen straight at you (which is boring after the third time you see it). Or to push up the price of a cinema ticket, in which case I stop noticing it after...
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    Poll: When do you shower?

    At night, a warm shower helps me get to sleep and also means I can sleep in a bit longer in the morning.
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    Poll: What is your eye color?

    I think amber eyes mean a lighter brown.
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    Poll: What is your eye color?

    Mine are hazel. Specifically they're mostly green but have a ring of brown around the pupil, which I believe is classed as central heterochromia. The definition I was taught is that hazel eyes are any combination of green and brown within the same iris.
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    Forum Upgrades

    These upgrades never ruin anything but they never improve anything either. Wouldn't the designing time be better spent fixing the poll-eating issue?
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    Stupid teachers.

    I've got a few to share. In year 4 my teacher seemed to hate me and would single me out as much as possible, when very nearly every other teacher I've ever had considered me one of their brightest and most well-behaved pupils. The most memorable event being where the girl sitting next to me...
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    Poll: How do you sleep?

    Nearly always on my front with my arms above my head, under the pillow, and my head turned to the left. I can fall asleep on my right side but I always wake up with shoulder pain that way.
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    What is the worst way you've woken up?

    In my first year at university the hall of residence I lived in seemed to be filled with morons whose idea of fun, when drunk, was to set the fire alarms off, at four in the morning, so that everyone had to stand around outside in their pajamas and the cold for an hour while the staff made sure...
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    Poll: Would a Batman movie with the Riddler have worked better than TDKR?

    Definitely not. The Riddler is one of the Batman villains who just wants to beat Batman. Like the Joker, but from an intelligence angle rather than insanity. He would have been too similar and so it would have felt repetitive.
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    Poll: Fable took the wrong turn?

    Fable was good but I think Fable 2 was easily the best. Fable 3 added some interesting things but took out parts which made Fable 2 so good. I refuse to buy Journey because I consider the kinect to be entirely pointless. I'm looking forward to Fable 4 though. EDIT: Also, Stephen Fry as an...
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    Would you want a relationship with a tomboy/tomgirl?

    Personally I much prefer tomboys to "girly" girls. No idea why, I just think tomboys are hot.