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    LGBT issues in the western world.

    I live in the Bible Belt--Tennessee, to be exact. What's more, I live in a small town centered around a conservative Christian college...Needless to say, LGBT issues cause lots of controversy here. The larger city near my town--the city council extended protections to LGBT municipal employees...
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    Tumblr Convention "Disaster" Unfolds at Illinois' DashCon

    That's the saddest ball pit I've seen in my life. I would make some snarky quip about Tumblr, but seeing as how I do use and enjoy the site often...that might be a tad disingenuous. :p I do feel sorry for the organizers, as it's never easy to coordinate such a huge event, and doubly difficult...
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    Worst examples of blatant fanservice

    I'm just now starting to get into anime and manga, and this--all the gratuitous sexualization--is the main thing that's dumping flies in my ointment, so to speak. Tellingly, my favorite series so far--Fullmetal Alchemist, Madoka Magica, & Baccano!--contain little of it. I'm fine with using it...
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    Escape to the Movies: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

    Sounds to me like the movie struggled particularly with trying to be a deep action flick. Some of the metaphors and in-world mechanics worked, but sometimes you could spot holes. Some parts were viscerally thrilling and cool, but you were disappointed when badassery failed to follow. Upon...
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    Serious question for feminist critique of video games

    Being an semi-academic feminist media critic is her job. Well, she may not get paid for it, but she's decided it's a regular part of what she does. There are lots of other semi-academic (and fully academic) media critics that do the same thing, whether it's from a feminist standpoint or Marxist...
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    Killing is Too Easy

    Amen. Amen, amen, amen! I was just thinking along these lines the other day...I struggled with Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite because of the relentless killing of people, both preemptive and in response to attack. (I have not played The Last of Us, so I can't speak for it.) Faceless goons, as...
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    Do bronies challenge traditional masculine values?

    Do females who like MLP conform to traditional feminine values? Just a question. EDIT: dammit! ninja'd by the post above :\
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    Escape to the Movies: Les Miserables

    Aw, you didn't enjoy it? Lol everyone I know who saw it loved it. But then, you and they have vastly different tastes. I'd like to know, tho--is there a movie musical out there that you do enjoy, MovieBob?
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    Fake Geek Girls

    Nice strip, guys! Though I have to admit, half of my approval stems from my glee at recognizing the Mami cosplay. ^^; ftw, indeed...
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    6th Grader Shoots Potential Rapist

    Well. I abhor violence as a rule, and I'm not a huge fan of gun ownership, but I gotta say: this is pretty awesome/epic. That she kept calm in the face of terror and followed protocol, that she protected herself from possible harm, and that the gunshot wound was relatively minor and the guy was...
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    Poll: Lack of basic mathmatical skills

    Math and my brain don't mix. I've never liked it, and have always had to work hard to be do it well. Pre-cal in high school was torture for me. Luckily I'm now in college and, as an English major, can hopefully manage to avoid math classes for the rest of my time here. There's a little bit of...
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    Draw your favorite game's cover.. badly.

    No! Unacceptable! That image shows blatant amounts of artistic excellence! (in my amateur eyes, at least :p)
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    Musicians! Your instruments!

    Holy schnikes, I had no idea so many people were masters of the non-acoustic guitar... O.O I play piano. I'm...decent at it. I've taken lessons for so long that I'm at the wonderful point where, even if I quit it cold-turkey, I'd still retain enough to be able to sit down and play from music...
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    (As we all know) Women are not new to gaming.

    So...many...assumptions. Generalizations. What's frustrating is figuring out if they're accurate. People have provided lots of anecdotal evidence. Statistical evidence, too, but then again, statistics are tricky little things that don't always communicate the reality... Argh! Sometimes I...
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    eBay Bans Spells, Potions, and Curses

    Curses! Foiled again! Ebay. -_- Can't tell if under the Dark Lord's influence, or just spiteful towards Muggles...