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    The Ethics of "Project Harpoon"

    Eh... #FreeBleeding was worse. Atleast this is funny to watch at. And they're doing it in the name of good, which obviously means they are just.
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    Games with black protagonists?

    Tons of games about rappers. Movie tyings. Suffering 1&2. Afro Samurai. You looking for poocs or just blacks?
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    The double standard of porting between PC and Console

    I think overall, PC gamers are less afraid to be called "entitled" and voice these issues. Also helps having hardware thats not as limited. If console game drops frames, or freezes, the first thing that gets blamed is the console.
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    Poll: Question for the visible minorities, have you ever wished you were white?

    No, not really. I lived in a good neighborhood and enjoy the racist stuff made about me, probably because while it hits close to home, I don't have to shame it.
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    4Channers makes Feminist event Scam, is found out rather quickly.

    I'm surprised this is considered as news. Then again, those sites look like shite.
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    Single-player games shouldn't have create-a-character features

    It really depends how much effort is put into making your character feel like part of the world. Customization raises problems and those can be fixed, theres no persisting problems there. Even Geralt's story is told by player customizing his every actions. But, yes. Budget wise its sensible to...
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    So what do we call actual homophobia?

    I really want to say "Adopted", but I won't because this is a christian forum.
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    self righteousness and the escapist

    Dare I say it? I honestly believe Escapist has trolls. There are certain methods to get people pissed and suspended, if you manage to trigger them. And the "discussions" that we're talking about here, usually only aim to arm ressel the opponent to either leave the discussion or get them...
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    Dark Souls 3 leaks

    Exclusive leaks with watermarks on them. Really? What does the "leak" even stand for on this? That this is either complete bs or that they have a deal on this? I don't honestly see the point. Coming straight out without this "leak" hip talk serves to promote the game better. They already did...
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    i miss the escapist

    Never found use for usergroups. I thought people just pick a thread to chat in here. Theres constantly some 10k posters coming in threads to talk about themselves with their friends, even if the thread is about Turkey's political elections. Then theres the whole forum game that turns everyone...
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    Steam Now Offering Refunds "For Any Reason"

    I rather pirate a game than risk it with refund abuse, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. The worry for abuse is silly. We're talking about cheap block "art" games and interactive novels. The money that you throw at those, is the money you shouldn't care about. Refund abuse might even be healthy...
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    Why is The Witcher allowed to portray heterosexual male sexuality while Kojima gets grilled over it?

    I think its the opposite. Video game journalists always shit on japanese developers. Japanese studios never talk back, or they believe Japan is so far away they would never find out about it. The younger studios, not run by old men, do reply back occasionally.
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    The White Male

    Its not like theres much to choose from. You either get white or poc. All whites are white, all pocs are poc. But when you tackle genders you start to see diversity with fluidragon dominate half-slaanesh and such. We need to ignore the boring pocs and white men, and instead go back to...
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    Unconventionally attractive characters in video games

    29 post till Midna. Pretty good for a site that posts ME characters and animu.
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    Protein World: "Body Positivity" and a lesson on how not to motivate people

    Nope. Stumbled on Breitbart article on this while surfing the waves.