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    Is Nintendo making the games they want to make a bad idea these days?

    I don't think its it's lack of consumers paying attention to those new IPs, but rather that those new IPs are barely covered by the gaming press if at all, so they fade into obscurity and release with little fanfare. But with more people paying attention to the Nintendo Directs as opposed to...
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    Is Nintendo making the games they want to make a bad idea these days?

    While I have issues with how Nintendo handles other aspects of their business in a rather draconian manner, like continuing with the region-locking and their handling of Youtube reviewers and Let's Players, but Nintendo's methods and thoughts when developing games is something they've nailed...
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    Steam is now Regionally restricted

    I despise region-locking, but there is a complicated reason for it. At it's most basic though, there's a bunch of legal red tape in regards to product licenses and it's a lot of time and money to actually be allowed to distribute a product to multiple regions. There was also the NTSC/PAL...
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    Destiny Takes GOTY, Confuses Audience, at This Year's BAFTAs

    I haven't played Destiny to fairly judge it, but I've heard plenty bad things about it, at least enough where it convinced me not to buy it. I would have assumed it shouldn't have won GOTY when other games like Bayonetta 2 or Far Cry 4 had a far more favorable reception. Guess Bungie/Activision...
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    Is That Batman With a Gun? "Huge" Comic Changes Coming

    Nothing says "Terror of the Night" and "Stealth" quite like heavy Power Armor. Well, maybe if this Batman is like Batman Beyond, where it isn't Bruce Wayne, but someone else who took up the name, it could be okay. I just don't see how they'd work Bruce Wayne as they've established him for the...
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    Anyone here (still) play Guilty gear Xrd?

    I'm pretty partial to Leo most of the time, but I bounce around with Sol and Potemkin too. I'll play Sin too if I feel like being an ass that particular fight because damn he can be powerful.
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    Star Wars Gets Its First Canonical LGBT Character

    If this wasn't such a blatant money grab for the so-called "diversity" crowd I'd be fine with it. But the sole fact that they feel the need to parade this character's sexual preference that they gave her makes me feel like this isn't an honest attempt at developing a good character who happens...
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    The slow walk....

    Does the ladder climb in MGS 3 count as a "slow walk?" I was going to say how silly it was to make a player climb that big-ass ladder for the entire duration of the Snake Eater theme, but thinking about it now, I realized I have never seen anyone climb back down after reaching the top. In a...
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    Anyone here (still) play Guilty gear Xrd?

    I've noticed a lot of niche fighting game online lobbies die out fairly quick a little bit after release. That said, I'd play online if I were any good, but I suck ass at fighting games despite my love for them.
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    Games you love that you turn into... chores?

    Anything game that involves some instance of grinding. I can love a game to death but grinding always seems like a chore. I don't hate it, but going an hour with no plot progression just so you can make your guys strong enough to fight the boss or get that rare drop always seem like more work...
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    Poll: Random Encounters vs Known Encounters in JRPGs

    I prefer known encounters in RPGs, but random encounters do have it's uses. For example, I doubt a game like Pokemon would actually work as intended with a known-encounter system.
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    Blizzad reveals new characters for Overwatch

    I just don't agree with the Zarya design. Chew me out all you want, but I feel like they made a generic male model, gave it some pink hair, and said "look guys, we're so progressive." If you made her bald, she'd look like every generic Space Marine ever. The fact that the 'diversity' crowd is...
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    Poll: A sensitive question about transgender and locker rooms

    Personally, I'll go with sort of a rather blunt answer: If you still have the twig and berries, use the Men's room. Otherwise, what would be preventing someone with ill-intent just walking into the Women's room and just claiming to identify as a woman when really they're just pervs? It may seem...
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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and all things there-of.

    I have to say, I agree 1000% with this. I must have done The Legendary Super Saiyan mission about 50 times, met all the supposed requirements, and Goku turned Super Saiyan only 3 times, and each time he would then immediately tear Freiza's ass a new hole and cause me to fail the mission. Thank...
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    Is Sex a Big Deal?

    In my opinion, it's not as big a deal as everyone and the media makes it out to be. Sure it feels good, and is a mutually bonding experience, but it's not the grandest thing in the universe. Not to mention, the first time is just awkward as hell for everyone involved. I can sympathize with the...