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    Poll: Will you be buying Evolve? how does the DLC plan affect your buying habits?

    I really liked the Beta, had a great time wrecking teams as the monster, so I'm probably going to pick it up. There are actually 12 hunters, 3 for each class. I agree about the monsters though, I think they could have had more.
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    What was the worst game that you pre-ordered?

    I actually enjoyed RE5, but that may be because I played it exclusively splitscreen with a buddy. On Topic: Dead Space 3. Just, man what a letdown. I loved the first two games, and I convinced a friend to preorder with me so we could play the Co-Op online. I woke up feeling absolutely...
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    Games that have incomprehencible stories (Or at least ones you don't understand...)

    Dragon's Dogma. Who is that guy? What am I doing out here? Talk to the "Dragonforged"? I thought weapons were dragonforged as an upgrade; you mean its a guy now? Ok, now I'm talking to him and he's still not explaining whats happening. What is the deal with this dragon? A friend later told me...
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    Will Doom 4 going to save FPS genre?

    No, because the FPS genre is doing fine as it is.
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    I did it, you guys! I finally did it!

    CoD4, MW2, Halo: Reach (pre-DLC), and Fallout 3. Only missing ONE on L4D2, that damn Strength in Numbers. I could never get four people together to do it, and when I could we either lost or the enemy team would rage quit on the final chapter and send us all back to the main menu.
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    The last videogame character you played as is trying to kill you

    Last game I played was Injustice, so Black Adam is trying to kill me and Batman is protecting me. Nice.
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    Are inventory weight limits a useless mechanic?

    Well, sometimes a weight limit can have and effect on the gameplay itself by limiting your options in combat, causing you to plan on what you may need to bring. I agree that the Fallout/TES system of "running freely" or "Oh god I can't move" is poorly done, but some games do it right. Look at...
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    Rank the Avengers movies

    1)The Avengers (I think that's probably everyone's favorite) 2)Captain America 2 3)Captain America 4)Thor 5)Iron Man 6)Thor 2 7)Iron Man 2 8)Iron Man 3 9)The Incredible Hulk (Even though I list this as my least favorite, it wasn't terrible. Not great, but decent.)...
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    First job stories

    I actually just recently started my first job as well, working as a cashier at Wendy's. My very first day they had me by myself on the register during that 11:30ish lunch rush. : / Don't worry about starting off, you'll do fine as long as you have common sense. Mistakes happen, but everybody...
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    Dark Souls 2-Is Depraved a Good Starting Class?

    No, at least not for your first playthrough. Don't worry about stats, they don't matter unless you plan to use whatever they apply to, (like if you don't want to use miracles then you can ignore faith). You can get some items that let you respect your character later on anyway. Class is mostly...
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    Dark Souls II Dev May Reconsider "No DLC" Policy

    Absolutely. Artorias added a ton of content and story/lore details to make it really feel like it was worth the cash. That's how you do DLC: More pie, not the rest of your pie.
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    Fox News Links Dark Souls to "Craigslist Killer"

    No surprise here. Honestly, nobody in their right mind would believe this crap. Even if she had a time machine to get her copy of DS from 2011, this isn't the first time video games have had the finger pointed at them by Fox "news" and won't be the last. Just ignore it, they said the same thing...
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    "How To Pick the Perfect Video Game": The Most Useful Flowchart Ever

    Eh , it's ok. Left 4 Dead apparently does not rely on team play and strategy? I disagree.
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    Need a good venting game. Suggestions?

    Dead Rising and Diablo are both full of mobs of weak enemies that you can just mindlessly slaughter. I'd go with Dead Rising since it has less of an emphasis on plot than Diablo, and you can kill zombies with WRESTLING MOVES. GTA is another good one, just ignore the plot and run around on...
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    Killer Instinct Update To Curb Rage Quits Via Jail Mode

    Thank god. I'm so sick of people quitting on me and screwing me out of some rank up. Especially if they're a high rank, because you know exactly how they got it.