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    Good rules of thumb

    if a kangaroo has taken the money he is probably not giving it back
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    Bosses/enemies you feel sorry about killing

    Xion from KH Days, just god damn that ending was a straight shot to the gut Also add in Sif for the umpteen reasons that are listed above me and the Moonlight Butterfly, in a game that is all death and desolation seeing that shining creature made me so happy when i entered the darkroot...
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    Poll: How do you like your eggs in the morning?

    i love fried eggs but they are so hard to do perfectly so i usually just scramble
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    games that left you stunned, staring at the credits in awe

    Dark Souls, having beaten that game was the most satisfying thing i've ever done and when the credits role and this song plays: Not only dos the song make you think back on all the impossible things you've done it also seems to change subtly in my...
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    PlayStation 3 Gets its First Region-Locked Game

    this is complete bullshit! there's almost an entire month between the us release and eu release, and i would have been fine importing but no just another slap in the face from ridiculous east-west transfers from japanese devs EDIT:also could someone confirm the jp release will be region...
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    Cashier Tales

    the most recent one i have from work was about 2 weeks ago where a woman was upset that the toys we had in the happy meals were so crappy, she does this by saying "oi you never gave me a toy in the happy meal!" i then pointed to it in the box and she said "you're serious thats it?" is said...
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    Gay Oreo Inspires Internet Outrage

    best thread title ever
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    Is UK work ethic different from US work ethic?

    saw a couple guys mention it so i'll just say a tip is earned not assumed, if you do a good job you will get one if you don't you won't, simple as
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    What Would the World Be like without Video Games

    many lives would have ended due to extreme boredom
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    BioWare Considers Free-to-Play For The Old Republic

    if they make FTP i will buy and play it!
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    Favourite bromance?

    shep and garus of course!
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    Nintendo Weighing Majora's Mask, Link to the Past Remakes

    a remake of MM would make me buy a 3ds! this needs to happen!
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    Kickstarter Video Project Attracts Misogynist Horde

    Not an American,sorry in my country they do. And please specify what exactly women aren't allowed to do in the states that makes them 2nd class citzens?
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    Kickstarter Video Project Attracts Misogynist Horde

    ugh feminism was relevant when women didn't have civil rights equal to men,now that they do it isn't while portrayal of women in video games is a problem its not a problem that needs more attention than say genre saturation or lazy storytelling over-sexualisation occurs in all media and...
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    So... the Nazis.

    contrary to popular belief hitler actually had two testicles