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    Poll: Obesity: fat people or true illness?

    Hahaha, you guys are hilarious. My point is invalid, huh? You don't even know what my point is and you want to debate that mine is invalid? First this guy starts going off about my comment about heroin addicts, now you're talking about starving yourself? Wow, just wow. Who said starve...
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    Poll: Obesity: fat people or true illness?

    lol, I love how you keep taking everything out of context. Are we talking about heroin now? I thought we were talking about overeating. It reminds me of a layman's analogy I tried to make about how RAM improves the performance of a computer. I described it as how if you're moving out of your...
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    Poll: Obesity: fat people or true illness?

    You can live for 3 weeks without food. Some people can fast for longer than that. Cut back to the bare minimum, wow, what a concept. Since you went there, I will also call names (idiot) since you also missed the point. That is why I said there is a difference between overweight people and...
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    Poll: Obesity: fat people or true illness?

    I'm fairly thin, about 150 lbs. One of the biggest differences I've noticed between me and overweight people is that food doesn't give me pleasure. You ever hear of "comfort food"? Of course, because it's something you eat to feel better. I have no comfort food. Food doesn't make me feel...
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    Poll: dredding homework.

    It may seem like a pain in the behind right now, after you're done in school you will miss it. It's a great preparation for the pressures of life afterwards too. If you can do 6 classes a week with 4-8 hours of homework for each and work nights to pay for your tuition, you can do about anything...
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    Are people, in general, out of their minds?

    Thanks for the compliment, but on second read I think I went a little too hard. Another point I should have made is there are 2 levels of consciousness in a society. The individual and the collective. That's really where the term "mob rule" came in, because individually people are not like that...
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    Where will the next war start?

    Probably in my stomach after another failed attempt to make one of my wife's spicy dishes. I'll tell you who wins in 30 minutes.
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    Poll: Does your family annoy you?

    Ok, that's a little freaky... because I am literally doing that in 2 weeks. But not to escape them lol. I have my own reasons, but it might as well be the same. After you move out, they will be clamoring to spend any time with you at all. Moving to another country is tantamount to torture. I...
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    Are people, in general, out of their minds?

    A little off the mark, but I can see you have the right idea. What I am about to say is not every american, but it is something that the entire world already sees. Americans aren't trying to better themselves, they tend to think they are already the best. If there is one good thing to come from...
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    Poll: Does your family annoy you?

    Same for the most part. That is until they spend 2 weeks visiting, then it's the same all over again, just with a newer version. "Have you done your homework?" becomes "Have you met a nice girl yet?" "Why don't you get a job?" becomes "Why don't you get a different job?" "You should clean...
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    This is Why You Are Fat?

    Ok, am I the only person on this earth who doesn't even care for food? Much less, disgusting, dripping-in-grease crap like that. Food is supposed to give you nourishment, not a hard on. But then again, maybe I'm the strange one.
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    Poll: Of these two, which is mostly like your personality?

    When you consider that this is an internet forum, not a friend's living room... most people will say introvert.
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    Catchy, maybe not so well known songs

    Why are the most catchy songs often the worst ones? You know what I'm talking about... the ones you cannot get out of your head the entire day. Maybe it's not even that bad, but it's vice-like grip on your brain is incontestable. Eventually it becomes the bane of your existence.
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    Am I Going to Die?

    I've had many, many near misses too. I think I have a guardian angel, because of how many times I've been inches away from getting hit by cars rounding corners while looking the other direction. I also had a 10 foot steel pole fall down from a high-rise construction and miss me just barely...
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    What is the closest thing you have to a super power in real life.

    Same here. I'm Scottish my descent and when I was 13 I was already shaving more than my teachers. People made fun of me because I was like Robin Williams by the time I was 15. Sadly, now I am 28 and I have more hair on my body than my head. Nature is a b****. A cruel, ironic, b****.