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    Starting up Tales of Xillia 2

    Story wise Xilia 2 was much better than the first installment. Gameplay wise it fell really short for me. Like 98% of the environments are lifted straight from the first game, and not only do you get to backtrack through them all, you have to grind in them endlessly to pad out the game time...
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    Looking for truly mature PC games.

    There's a kickstarter for a game called "The Sand Plague" which is a remake of an old game which revolved around a small village suffering from a sudden onslaught of disease. You play three different characters each tasked with providing relief or insight in a different way. It's kind of...
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    Abandoned Online Games?

    If you don't need strictly MMOs for this I'd reccomend IMVU. It's not "dead" persay, I still see adds for the thing kicking around, but when I logged on to the old account I made (I was 13, sue me) most of the chatrooms were empty or only had 2 or 3 people in them. 3D chatrooms in general are...
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    Most Stupidly Perfect Game Ever Played

    Ah so many. Okami: Probably the best adventure/platformer I've ever played. The wolf is a joy to control, the fights were fun, the art direction was amazing, and the music was incredible. Plus I still cry like a sap at the ending, every damn time. Tales of Symphonia: This is probably...
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    Games Where You Felt Totally Lost

    No don't worry about that at all. The game gives you quests with the expectation that you'll just sort of complete them by accident while playing through the story. Especially since a lot of them are "Kill X number of Monsters" and that monster will generally show up at least once in the story...
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    Have you ever played a game that just made you want to flip a table?

    Dragon's dogma has plenty of destructible terrain (barrels/rocks/crates)but mostly destructible monsters (Aim for the eye!) But it stands out in my mind because the very first thing your loaner Pawn does is smash up every surrounding crate in the area. Like the minute he gets done telling me...
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    Characters Ruined by Their Voice-Acting

    ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE IN ARC RISE FANTASIA DEAR LORD Apparently the VAs were given absolutely zero direction and sweet christ on a cracker it shows. I couldn't make it past the first level. And it's even worse because there's no option to just use the japanese dialogue.
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    Reccomend me an MMO to play this summer

    I'd recommend Mabinogi if you can get past the chibi anime art-style. Especially recently since they've tightened up a lot of the gameplay and cut down on the more obnoxious free to play cash grabs. Now I will preface this with yes this is a Nexon game and yes their customer service is terrible...
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    I'm a huge RPG fan but I have run out of games, could you help please?

    I'd check out Paper Mario and Paper Mario: Thousand year Door for two solid light hearted rpgs with just really fun and quirky worlds.
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    Attack on Titan: Chainshot?!

    I feel like a lot of the terribleness of the Attack on Titan military is chalked up to the fact that for 100 years titans just aren't a thing they actually had to deal with, and they somewhat naively assumed the wall was a permanent solution. They only started actively engaging because the...
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    Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Announced - Update

    Point of order, they didn't want to genocide the world because it wasn't pretty. The leader of Team Flare basically thought that the only way to make it so that there were enough resources for everyone to live comfortably, they would need to depopulate most of the planet. That's why they were...
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    Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Announced - Update

    You're in luck, that seems incredibly likely given that in the original gen you actually fought a different team depending on what version you got. I could see them extending that out to more of the scenery.
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    Games you're excited about that get next to no advertising?

    So recently I stumbled across this little gem in the making that comes out in five days and as far as I can tell has recieved next to no press on most of the gaming sites I frequent which is strange because it contains the following: - non-sexualized female lead character - eyeball meltingly...
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    Well that was much better than expected.

    In a nutshell the anime is about the nature of sacrifice, hope, and despair, and how helping others for selfish reasons begins to take a toll on people. It's very multi layered and there are a bunch of different interpretations, I don't think I've seen two reviews that came away with the...
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    Do's and Don'ts of a Dungeon Master?

    It's good to have new DMs sit down with their players during character creation and go over what kind of game you want to run, vs what kind of game your players want to play. Things to hammer our during session zero: - The reason the PCs are adventuring together. Or, if you want to have...