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    Poll: Violence is never the answer

    It all depends on the situation. If you want to inflict pain, then yes violence is the answer. If someone annoys you in a bar, then violence probably isn't the answer.
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    Molyneux's Unfocused Innovation

    The future of gaming is actually pretty bright. More and more little companies can get on the bandwagon and some will make substantial amounts of money. Most of the indie game companies are driven by very passionate people. And what do you think when one of those companies have a series of...
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    Favorite Obscure Movie.

    I second Dead Leaves - high paced brilliant over the top anime Primer - Genius script and it shows that anyone can make an entertaining movie, I think the budget was $7000,- or something like that Eraser - especially the usage of sound makes this an enjoyable nightmarish trip Bubba Ho Tep -...
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    View From The Road: Ubisoft Needs To Use a Carrot

    No Piracy is not a problem. The figures are just so skewed that it seems like a problem. Let me illustrate: Legitimate buyer buys 5 games a year (on average) Pirate (Arrrrr!) downloads 200 games a year, but also buys a couple, lets say 2. According to some industry idiots, this means...
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    For those been in a few fights or martial artists-

    Just train a lot on low kicks for keeping them at distance and to cripple them or if you're fast break their nose with a fast punch. In general don't use punches at the head area, it's pretty hard, unless you're used to training against solid walls, the chance of breaking your own wrists is...
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    Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein

    Hey! This sounded like a punctuated review. 'Twas clever though
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    Most brutally violent film/s you've seen?

    Ooh I love Cést arrivé prêt de chez vous it's one of my favorite movies. Some Takeshi Kitano films have realistic violence as it is very direct and the camera remains static when these occur, So i would suggest Violent Cop and Sonatine. If you haven't already also go watch Old Boy, a...
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    bands with weird names

    Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band []
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    10 Ways to Fight Piracy

    I agree with most points of this article and in all it is well put. If I were you I would change the first point because now it targets a specific technology, namely DRM and not the real reason why people pirate games. The point should be it's not good business if the customers experience of...
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    Whats the strangest book you've ever read?

    Of course you may ask. I read it because it was considered to be the most difficult book to read by people like authors and suchlike. Sort of like the K2 of literature. It's also interesting to know that James Joyce spend something like 17 years on this "book". tweaking and twiddling until he...
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    Whats the strangest book you've ever read?

    Finnegans Wake by James Joyce. I'm still building up courage to read it for a second time somewhere this year. The book is practically unreadable, plus it begins in the middle of a sentence and ends with the beginning of that sentence. The theory behind it is that besides being unreadable...
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    Unique Bands/Music

    That's certainly a unique band. Never heard anything else like that. Other bands/music who are unique Ballet Mechanique - George Antheil Coil Merzbow (when he started it) NON Lustmord Casiotune for the painfully alone Wesley Willis Rosa Crux Nurse with wound Ryoji Ikeda The album...
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    185: Mod & Blade

    Good article and I kind of get the Elite reference. I've been playing Mount&Blade since .903 and immediately bought a key. I think I spend as much time in this game than I did in Oblivion, which I know play with FCOM Convergence ('twas a pain in the ass to finally get it to work, but the...
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    Anime suggestions?

    No one mentioned Samurai Champloo yet. Also I second the recommendation for Golden Boy, very funny short anime indeed.
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    Dutch Teens Convicted Of Virtual Theft

    What people tend to forget is that actual money (coins and notes) are just as virtual in worth as online virtual items. In this case the court decided correctly.