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    Worst game you ever played that wasn't full of bugs/glitches?

    Destiny. With its might as well be pay to play bullshit of half the game locked behind ps plus solid but boring gameplay and a vapor story, i played for abit then uninstalled it from my ps4 and never looked back.
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    Poll: So... Assassin's Creed Female protagonist leaked. No Multiplayer. Now do you care?

    Defiantly gonna buy syndicate. Love the setting. Playing a female mc in the main series could be interesting. Also no multiplayer? God i hope that's true. Assassins creeds pvp multiplayer sucked so badly and unity was bogged down in too much online garbage.
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    Which franchise deserve a reboot/overdue sequel?

    legend of dragoon. loved that game and its sad that it just vanished. Wouldnt mind seeing a new star ocean and grandia game too. Oh and wild arms, fucking loved that series. suikoden as well. a new shadow hearts would be interesting.
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    So Bloodborne

    Bloodbornes not to bad. Graphics are great. Personally i like it better then dark souls, its a little more forgiving though still pulls some of dark souls bullshit every now and then which can be annoying.
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    "I'll pick it up when it's cheap"

    Well for me, i'll pick it up when its cheaper usually because i have a big backlog or the game looks interesting but i'm either burned out on its type atm, like dying light, or there's other stuff i want way more at the time so end up putting off getting a game because of those. Most of the time...
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    Would you look forward to a Watch Dogs sequel?

    i wouldnt mind one acually. First one had some decent ideas and though flawed i enjoyed alot of it. With some more polish and time a sequel could be pretty good if ubisoft doesnt fuck it up like they did assassins creed unity.
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    Is Anyone Still Excited For Evolve?

    At first it looked cool but the more they revealed about it the less i wanted it. I dont mind dlc but to much walled off by dlc or stupid online only crap is pushing it to far.
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    Let's talk about The Witcher

    Never played witcher 1 , its pc only and even if i did buy pc games my crap pc couldnt run it, but i loved witcher 2 on 360. I really wish that they went through with the 360 port of 1 though cause it sounds interesting. Really looking forward too 3 on ps4.
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    Hey 4chan? Can we talk briefly?

    Who gives a crap about 4chan? Its a hacker nest and full of retards. It should just be wiped from the internet.
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    Why is Being Nuetral in GamerGate a bad thing?

    I have no idea what gamergate is and frankly i dont give a crap. I just wanna play my games and be left alone.
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    Are Valve even AWARE of how badly they're screwing up?

    Its simple really. Valve doesn't care at all for the half life brand or making games at all anymore. Sure they may be working on it and other stuff on and off but steam makes them so much money and needs updating so often that its become there full time job at this point.
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    Why is trolling okay but hacking isn't?

    There both awful but trolling is just feelings hurt or annoying at most. Hacking can ruin a game put your info at risk or open whatever your playing on to viruses. Oh and almost all hackers are thiefs and scumbags who will steal your identity and credit cards and ruin your life or just cause...
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    Star Trek Fans, what did you think of Stargate?

    I couldnt really get into the stargate movie, i just find it boring and slow. I kinda liked the stargate series where they were trapped on a alien ship though,that one was intresting,but otherwise i could never get into the series.
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    Looking back, was the Wii mote too ahead of its time?

    Yea abit. The idea was interesting and on the rare times it worked it was kinda fun but the tech just wasnt ready yet. Nintendo really needed to test it better and iron out the flaws abit more before it was released. Still better then the godawful kinect though. I wish microsoft would just let...
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    We Need Toxic Players, According to Orcs Must Die Developer

    Wow. Great job orcs must die developers. Way to make sure noone ever buys your game atleast noone that isnt a screaming bitchy whiny asshole. Well hell atleast if this works there will be less shitstains to clog other games.