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    Should Treyarch be the one to make Timesplitters 4

    Short answer....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... No one except Free Radical/Crytek UK should touch my beloved Timesplitters. Despite I like Treyarch's mad take take on zombie survival, Free Radical just have madder and more enjoyable in TS2 where you punch the faces of...
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    Far Cry 3 looks like a mix of 1 and 2

    Oooooh...I heard FC3 was going to be in an arctic environment. Still looks good. Like who its an average joe rather than an ex-soldier turned merc.
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    Brothers in Arms: WTF?! (aka "Furious Four")

    Vin Diesel must be cameo-ing somwhere. On-topic, it does seem way way waaaaaaay away from what made the Brothers in Arms games great to play and pack an emotional whallop. Hmm...Gearbox must still be in a funny mood. I blame all that Duke Nukem Forever they've been making.
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    Poll: Yahtzee's 200 Zero Punctuation episode.

    He'll probably review Alice: Madness Returns. In fairness he's a professional. You don't drop your schedule for a number. After all, video 100 was Call of Phwaerez 2, and who even bought that?
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    Poll: The Xbox E3 round-up a.k.a I'm still not buying a Kinect matter where you stick it...

    If you missed the Microsoft E3 show, here's a quick round-up, plus a general thought of it all: Kinect Sports 2...and Dance Central 2...nope... You can now scan your teddy bears. I do not want to actually pick rocks in Minecraft. I do not want to be a stiff-as-wood Jedi. I do not want...
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    The sequel to the best game ever is about to come out.... and no one's noticed it.

    Catherine gets loads of coverage here. In fact, if it was coming over to the UK (maybe on day) I'd be parting money for that special edition with the boxer shorts and pizza box.
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    Best Shooter Levels

    Call of Duty 4 - The sniping/stealth section with MacMillian was very well paced and excecuted. Half-Life 2 - Ravenholm.
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    Activision Unveils New Call of Duty Online Service

    If anything I watched the video all the way through just because it was quite entertaining. I can't actually remember much of the features of the Elite service, just YOU'VE GOT THE TOUCH! from the 80s Transformer film.
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    Fallout 4

    I still want Fallout:London with a ghoul Royal Family ruling over the city with mutated corgis.
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    Poll: Why do you play halo?

    Mates + Halo Reach = PURE FUN. It's just pure madness and 100% fun. Zombies, squad slayer, rocket hog, custom game modes, forge maps, firefight AND LASO campaign. You can't get the same sense of fun from say Call of Duty because it takes itself too seriously. Halo Reach knows its got the mad...
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    What game did you know was bad/awful, and yet you still played it?

    Shellshock 2. I heard it was BAD...but why the hell was it THAT BAD!!?
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    Have you guys ever heard of this reviewer?

    He's a bit stiff. If you want a decent Youtube reviewer, you should check out Kawaiiprinces01. She's got the best natural talent I've seen, as well as some great views on gaming in some other videos she does like Spotlight on Tenzin.
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    Favorite Let's Player

    ProtonJonSA. I followed him whilst he started out, but he's become very well known since his Kaizo videos couple of years ago. Below. Cloud8745 WAS my favourite though he started to get stressed with feedback and eventually got banned for charging people to include commentary for a Let's...
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    GRIN Alleges Square Enix Forced It Out of Business

    Bit more digging to go with my tech demo vid I found, Fortress was to be set in Ivalice, and feature Queen Ashe... art follows...
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    Games where you play as an animal

    A Dog's Life. Basically role playing a dog rescuing it's lover from the Dog Pound, complete with tricks and pooing. And a first person feature to 'see smells'. It's actually very fun.