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    Does Mass Effect 3 NEED multiplayer?

    I happen to like the context of the Multiplayer. In Single-Player the galaxy starts out at the "OMG WTF?!?!" stage. Sure, you can probably get the best ending through Single-Player alone, but if you do extremely well in Multiplayer, then Shepard really doesn't have to do much because the...
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    Out of these 10. recommend 3

    These are my three. Skyrim Deus Ex Metal Gear
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    Most memorable opening line in a game

    "Once upon a time, there lived a giant tree..."
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    Poll: is that propaganda?

    Yep. Anything that declares something like that with such enthusiasm about something they were unsure about at first is clearly propoganda in my book. I don't mind it though since you're having to do this anyway. Its like a commercial promoting reporting to the pollice or fire department...
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    Share the most intense, powerful music you know.

    To be honest, I think this thread isn't specific enough because its not clear about whether or not by "intense" and "powerful" you mean music that proclaims that someone is all-powerful or an epic hero, like most everying by Two Steps from Hell ("Heart of Courage" is a prime example of why I...
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    Skryim is outdated

    There is something I wonder about. Can we please start an Elder Scrolls game without being arrested?! It gets tiresome to start the game there every time whenever I'm playing any Elder Scrolls game (other than Daggerfall, which is just buggy.).
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    Mass Effect 3 Beta Leak

    Looks like this was made WAY before E3, maybe a little before ME2 was released. I wouldn't be suprised if most of the stuff in this gets dumped or remade (That Action mode/RPG mode thing will go I hope.). I've heared unused audio files for ME2's starting area, and it sounds like they made...
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    Games you like, but everyone seems to hate

    Brink. I know it has flaws, like the AI, but its actually a pretty solid team-based shooter.
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    Arkham City.... Sexist?

    Here's my counter-analysis of the accusation. Not argument, this will take a bit to explain. I may be completely off since the game isn't out on Steam yet, but this my Outsider's perspective on it. Anyone who also played Arkham Asylum must have realized by now that the writers for these...
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    Deus ex: Human revolution first thoughts

    Good news. They just updated [H+]3 to have faster loading screens, and thank goodness for that.
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    Casual sex

    Same here, but I would be far more likely do it if we were together in a relationship.
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    Casual sex

    You both could debate this all day and still be nowhere near the forum topic. Just saying.
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    Poll: Do you support Eugenics? (Poll)

    The only part of Eugenics that I support is the control of STDs and mental afflictions. As a person born with Aspergers syndrome, I have always been treated differently because I act differently. They try to understand by asking how I am different from normal people. I tell them, "I don't...
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    The protagonist in the last game you played is hunting you.

    J.C. Denton from Deus Ex GOTY. He is also Helios thanks to me. This is bad, very very bad.
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    Zero Punctuation: Brink

    Having bought and played Brink, I want the developers to next time not only fix most of the 100000000 BEFORE release but also charge less than $50 for only 10 maps\, either that or ADD MORE MAPS!!! The concept and gameplay, and lack of chest high wall effectiveness, are pretty good but it needs...