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    Remedy Writer Sam Lake Talks Alan Wake and Quantum Break

    Maybe something like kickstarter if you cant get the funds necessary otherwise. 3 million copies sold sounds like a solid enough base of fans to start a campaign
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    Q.U.B.E To Bend Minds on Wii U

    Charmed - a series about three witches with 'the power of three' and then 3 platforms (WII U Vita PC)....I guess :)
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    Deadpool Put In Charge of Marketing Deadpool Game

    I am not well known with the character, but from what I understand, maybe a DMC/MaxPayne crossover (talking totally gameplay wise here) may be best suited for a comicbook character wielding 2 guns?
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    WoW Server Blades Raise $330,000 for Charity

    Basically, I think Activision would agree to this. They might see them being in such a bad spot reputation wise saying: if we do this, we might get into good standing with the community again.... Not that it helps in any way shape or form. That, or either blizzard just gave activision the...
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    Critical Miss: Battlefield 3

    the bossfight is a QTE? (havent finsihed campaign yet) Like is Space Marine? Aw, crap.... I know QTEs are cinematic, and the bossfight in SM was realy cool...but I just like the normal stuff better... The rat was awesome though
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    Scientists Find "95 Percent Proof Of The Existence Of Yeti"

    This calls for a team of people who actually search for evidence and report it on the scene....Tihs calls for... DESTINATION TRUTH! I do remember that episode where they found Yeti/Bigfoot evidence though...
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    Blizzard Giving Away Diablo 3 Beta Keys on Facebook

    Its like they freaking picked around me... I live in the netherlands, and Belgium and Germany are eligible, but not the netherlands? what is this?
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    Chicken Theme Continues in New Gears of War 3 Easter Egg

    Actually, chickens have attempted a uprising much earlier in the gaming history.
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    Come Rob With Me

    Try Pandemic, great with 1 (yes, one) to 4 players!
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    Man Googles Himself, Finds He's Wanted for Murder

    When I google my name, I get results from archery contests...I did that a few years back :P
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    Blizzard: We're Here If Bungie Needs Us

    Well, if Bungie is making a Myth MMO, I hope they will not just copy the WoW formula (both Fantasy) Maybe a 'more gore, Diablo style MMO'?
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    Blast Into Dark Void Early This Week

    yes dududf, it will also be on the PC. I have an article in the gaming magazine i always read, which only covers PC games. (PC Gameplay)
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    If you could spend a day hangin out with anyone (real or fake) who would it be?

    the band Muse...Just to show up at my best friends house (who is an IMMENSE fan) and chill out there for the day...he would be so thrilled :P Andits worth it just to see his face.