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    Xbox Dashboard Update - Slow Shutdown?

    Ever since I updated to the metro dashboard that was put out very recently my Xbox has been taking its sweet time shutting off. I'm talking like 10 seconds after I hit the button till it finally stops running. Turning it off from the settings panel, holding the Xbox guide button and pressing...
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    Mass Effect 1 - Manual Override

    I just got up to the point where you meet Tali and I have been having absolutely NO luck with the manual override feature. I press the buttons as fast as I can, and I mean fast as within half a second or less fast of a reaction time here, but it always says I fail. Needless to say, it is...
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    Would an Xbox be worth it?

    No online MP without gold, friends and one on one voice chat are in. Cross-game chat is a built in feature that the PS3 does not have. Xbox marketplace has a good selection of digital download games, ranging from Resident evil 4 to Fallout New Vegas. However, most of the exclusives are...
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    What can Developers & Publishers do to combat Piracy?

    It must be nice having opinions. Because I totally hated Arkham Asylum with it's simplistic QTE-esque combat. There will always be piracy, people will always want things for free. So instead of wasting money on DRM, why don't the developers simply use that to make an even better experience?
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    Bethesda VP: Developing For PC is a "Headache"

    Skyrim, most recently. I'm not too far up to date with any others though.
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    Deus Ex Human Revolution: Worth It?

    Its more challenging than your average shooter, even on easy, if you play it that way. As a stealth game, I find it to be phenomenal. I mean you can die from a good distance (say 15 or so feet) from a shotgun in a couple hits, so cover is essential. Honestly it's easier to win shootouts on...
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    New gaming laptop for battlefield 3. Help with choosen spec and postage please

    Save yourself the grief, don't get a gaming laptop. Nobody can build one with good cooling, they just cook themselves to death. The one I have that can max oblivion easily just overheats to a blue screen playing more than dos games these days so I have to settle for low-end graphics...
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    EDIT: Skyrim Streams and my Initial Thoughts. SPOILER-FREE!! Now with more info!

    Well to be honest, I was more engrossed with the actual combat to listen to the music. It was mostly inaudible anyways, seeing as 90% of the streams were literally like webcams pointing at the TV, not even capture card. I wish that the streamers would take time to set up properly, I know I...
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    EDIT: Skyrim Streams and my Initial Thoughts. SPOILER-FREE!! Now with more info!

    I have heard that your mana regen is best when you wear robes and light clothing, and that if you run around in heavy armor prepare to wait forever for it to recharge. Kind of kills some of the heavy armored sorcerer builds I have heard people wanting to try. I guess you could just hotkey...
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    EDIT: Skyrim Streams and my Initial Thoughts. SPOILER-FREE!! Now with more info!

    I'll preface this by saying that it takes an EXTRAORDINARY amount of willpower to not watch the 20 minute intro that was leaked (the actual beginning of the game including character gen and the title screen, not the Todd Howard demo from way back). I don't want to watch it, to get that feeling...
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    Hating Dark Souls?

    Ledges? Sorry, haven't had problems. I got knocked off once from being attacked near one, haven't engaged enemies near them since. And if walking off is your issue, walk diagonally. Forward and against the wall, its just extra insurance. The parry/riposte combo works extremely well in...
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    HL2.exe has stopped working?

    I can't run my Team Fortress 2 copy for more than 15 minutes without it crashing. Has anyone else encountered this problem? My friend who just got it has the same issue. If this is widespread I'm going to be pissed, I spent 20 bucks on an unplayable game it seems. Of course, if my computer...
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    Mojang wins (for now), Scrolls is staying Scrolls

    Except for that little tidbit where Notch is the one trying to trademark the word in most of it's uses, right? Do some fucking research. This is ridiculous. Notch's Mouth isn't a good source of information, nor treasure trove of truth or legal knowledge. Ever hear of bias? Cause that's a...
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    Mojang Offered Up Scrolls Trademark, Bethsoft Said "No"

    Nice one-sided article. They're going to Swedish court, so Bethesda cannot win money from them. And Notch ignored a cease and desist letter from Bethesda and is surprised there are consequences? He must have missed that life lesson when he was on vacation for the 500th time. He wanted the...
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    BioWare May (Eventually) Go For A Mass Effect MMO

    The thing about characters is that they are only as perfect as they are inked. To wedge in a gay option like that and have it have about as much tact as a sledgehammer is a detriment to what they are hoping to achieve. My gay friend hated that, as it doesn't help any footing gays have on the...