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    What do you think of Disneyland and Disney World?

    I enjoy Disneyland quite a bit (want to visit World when I get the chance) and military discounts make going to parks relatively affordable, but lodging is a bit more tough as well as food. A family vacation once a decade or so is probably worth it for most people depending on which coast a...
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    Is there any "film buff" youtuber that talks about movies other then Superheroes and Star Wars?

    Leon Thomas/Renegade Cut is a guy who does a video per week just about and doesn?t primarily do superhero or Star Wars. It?s largely a philosophical viewing of a film and its themes whether the films are recent or old, blockbuster or indie, good or bad, etc. Ryan Hollinger similarly almost never...
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    Poll: Marvel - Which Infinity Stone would you have?

    Fairly certain the time stone also kept the grandmaster in Doctor Strange as long as she could as well. She also basically knew when she died though... Good runner up is space stone, seems to have teleportation and telekinetic powers and those are great powers as well.
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    What're you listening to(/lately) (late summer 2018 edition)?

    The 1975?s Love It If We Made It. It?s like a poetic stream of consciousness about current affairs and a mildly good chorus.
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    Idris Elba reportedly being considered for next James Bond

    That right there is what we call in the business ?bad faith?. It also comes off as a bit hipster-esque and nerd points grabbing by making it some sort of game or gotcha when it serves no purpose but to decry ?virtue signaling? because... what somebody wants to make a casting decision for a...
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    If It Ever Happens, How Should Kingdom Hearts Implement Star Wars and Marvel?

    Although it looks very unlikely that Kingdom Hearts will implement either massive franchise in the near future, they have begun to draw from the well of Pixar films in their upcoming installment and despite the excitement at the prospect of seeing SpiderMan or Darth Vader interacting with a key...
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    Poll: Movie Bob rehired?

    I really hope this becomes the new ?This comic was a Critical Miss? for when anyone finds something moderately bad with what Russ is doing.
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    Why does virtually every "non-binary" gender go back to m/f?

    The only effect being, if taken off and having to go through normal puberty, starting puberty later usually in that mid-teens area. But it's used to decrease a trans kid's dysphoric feelings which ramp during puberty. And it would be kind of screwed up not giving a child who's been having X...
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    Why does virtually every "non-binary" gender go back to m/f?

    Question: Do you know the actual common practices and procedures for trans children in US are? I'd start with that before doing anything else. ...which is why it's not an option for them until their mid to late teens when they reach something called the age of medical consent. Before then...
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    So apparently JonTron is a racist

    No I bothered, it just happened to reduce my respect for the man even further. How he managed to do that after coming off as one of those Bob Whittaker bots crying about white genocide with only slightly more nuance and slightly less bile still surprises me. I refuse to let him sweep his...
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    So apparently JonTron is a racist

    In bold due to show that this phrase/argument/fallacy is still in wide use and still one of the most poisoning the well things you can do.
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    So apparently JonTron is a racist

    > "Let's have an honest conversation about race." > Literally says wealthy blacks commit more crimes than poor whites with absolutely no basis in actual fact. You know, honest! /s
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    So apparently JonTron is a racist

    And nothing of value was said. Again, the blatant ignorance of people toward criticism of white people fucking astounds me. Also since nobody showed it yet:
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    Ladies and gentlemen the Power Rangers

    I mean, I got a very big Psycho Rangers from these costumes. I chalk it up to the what appears to be the shape of the visors and more detailed costumes compared to most other iterations of the Rangers. Unfortunately with how big those visors are, the personality on some of their helmets seem...