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    Oh World of WoWCraft have you fallen, so?

    ...They gotta keep adding plot twists and turns Even WoW can't find a WoW killer so, MOAR WoW!
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    Where all the Marvel games at?

    IMHO Disney They don't like letting others play with their IPs and I don't think they're that invested in gaming I may be wrong but since Disney took over a lot of the littler used of the IP such as gaming have stopped
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    Trans representation in gaming
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    I saw all five Transformers movies over the last few days and I'd like to talk about the experience.

    The movies have become the go to example for disposable Hollywood trash, sound and fury, signifying nothing, but I don't think that quite does them justice. I don't think any one of them has a screenplay that's better than awful but one thing they're not is soulless. They are gorgeuosly shot and...
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    Games you've bought that you can't bring yourself to play

    I have 1279 steam games....I can name dozens sat there, Fallout new Vegas, Just cause 2, spec ops the line Divinity 1 & 2 Heck I'll just look at my installed games I haven't got round to - Endless Legend/Space, Gods Will be Watching, Mordheim, Rocket League, this war of mine, Bioshock 1,2 or...
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    Problems with the new doctor

    Did you just assume her gender?
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    CD Projekt Red Says Cyberpunk 2077 Files are Being Held for Ransom

    One up um - release what they were planning to leak or better - explain why and ensure they can generate 0 interest from their work
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    Mass Effect Andromeda first impressions?

    Alas until EA decide to come back to steam I'm not playing anything Yeh, I know Orgins better etc etc, but ultimately it's EA wanting to make more money - I don't want to split my game library over 2 systems so EA can make $2.50 more on DLC So - as much as I'd kinda like to go through the...
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    Nintendo Exec: Two Reasons Why Switch Won't Fail Like Wii U

    ...Nintendo is on it's way out as a hardware producer If this doesn't finish them off I'll be suprised - I expect a lurch back to handhelds with cooky mechanics and then silence - then Mario will be on the PS6
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    The Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Now Has a Trailer

    I hope we're wrong because you're mirroring my fears, dumbed down amnesia - bad corp rebel with a cause plot incoming
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    Slowing down - Why we don't post like we used to...

    Content left forum become so pro gamergate SJW that I hated it and is still recovering so I've mostly stayed away - if it lost zero, I think I'd leave for good
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    Warhammer Total War is now getting Squigs.

    Sign me up for the GOTY edition late 2017
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    What game do you hate most?

    How has Spore not been mentioned The most potential, years of hype - videos showing features and promise beyond anything ever before Then... 3 poor minigames, then a lackluster grind of dull boredom.... Last game I pre-ordered. It killed any excitement I've had for gaming news, any...
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    Steam is NOT Offering Special Exceptions For No Man's Sky Refunds

    Yeh, I saw this Over hyped, under developed no clear plan.... Didn't get sucked in, glad
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    After Poor Suicide Squad Reviews, Fan Creates Petition to Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes

    Oh my god - the bestest buthhurt fan boi - EVAR Sorry the movies jsut...arn't that good