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    Anybody have any newly discovered bands that were instantly a favorite?

    Gogol Bordello: crazy Eastern European gypsy punk rock, with a lead singer who is patently insane:
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    I plan on spending this weekend making a red/blue control/burn deck, with a bit of mana ramp and card-drawing to play a million things each turn. Also, Charmbreaker Devils ( is incredibly lulzy for this kind of thing...
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    Space Janitors: Episode One

    Seems the rebels were a duo of Han Solo and Zoe from Firefly. Well, I do want to see more!
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    What's your internet fame level?

    I'm mildly successful on Deviantart, but that's pretty much it.
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    Music Library Shuffle

    All Together Now- The Beatles Another One Bites The Dust- Queen Character Select Theme 2 (unused)- Super Meat Boy soundtrack Sunshine Of Your Love- Cream Human After All- Daft Punk
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    TF2 players, what class do you use the most?

    Lately I've been playing a lot of Soldier and Pyro, with a bit of Sniper, too. My preferred loadouts on all 3 are Direct Hit/Shotgun/Disciplinary Action, Degreaser/Detonator/Axtinguisher, and Machina/SMG/Tribalman's Shiv.
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    Who are the best video game voice actors/actresses?

    Logan Cunningham (narrator from Bastion). Your argument is invalid.
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    what game got you into gaming

    I'd say it was playing Goldeneye/the original Super Smash Bros. on my cousin's Nintendo 64.
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    Your perfect RPG

    I would love to see something with the depth and gameplay of Skyrim with the setting of Deus Ex, perhaps with a bit of the Combine art style in Half-Life 2, and an epic plot with intrigue, backstabbing, philosophizing, and chase sequences. Alternatively, there's an entire planet that serves a...
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    I think it's time to talk seriously about GoTY...

    I'd say either Portal 2 or Deus Ex: Human Revolution; the main reason I'm neglecting Skyrim is that I haven't had a chance to play it yet. Oh well. Oh yeah, Bastion is a strong contender too, for being a gorgeous, fun hack-and-slash with an amazing story.
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    What games did you finish, and then immediately start again?

    Bastion; I wanted to immediately run through it again in New Game +, trying out new weapon combos, wanting to just hear the story again, and for the awesome Portal easter egg (long story).
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    If you are not playing Modern Warfare 3, what are you playing instead?

    I'm generally alternating between Bastion and Team Fortress 2.
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    Your favourite game protagonist has to hold down a regular job!

    I guess the Kid from Bastion could find work as a demolitions foreman, especially with that Calamity Cannon...
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    Eidos Cops to "Weak" Deus Ex Boss Fights

    The thing is, depending on your build, the boss fights are either hilariously easy or maddeningly frustrating, which is incredibly anticlimactic/a slap in the face to the spirit of the game, respectively. That said, I managed to beat Barrett and Federova in about 10 seconds each, thanks in no...
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    Most OP Weapon in a Game?

    My silenced, increased-damage and extended-mag pistol was my favorite weapon for sneaky stealth kills, but I had to wonder how despite the elite guards' fancy armor and helmets, one pistol bullet to the head is an instant kill. The thing is, after about halfway through the game, finding pistol...