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    8 Games We Wish We'd Seen at E3 2017

    Call of Cthulhu. I'm a Lovecraft junkie, I want to see this game be made, dammit.
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    Tired of Those Annoying Nightmares in Prey? Here's How To Get Rid of Them

    It only works five times, though. Came as nasty shock to me, since the sixth time I literally ran into one coming out of a grav lift.
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    Get a Closer Look at Mass Effect: Andromeda's Multiplayer in the Newest Trailer

    The ME3 multiplayer was my favorite multiplayer in any game ever. This looks like more of the same with a few tweaks, so I am pleased. Looking forward to this so much. Squee.
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    8 Easter Eggs in Star Wars Rogue 1

    Darksaber also refers to an attempt by a third-rate Hutt to make a poor man's Death Star, in a book of the same name. He basically steals the schematics and has one of the Death Star's designers strip it down to just the superlaser and some engines. He also has it built by a species with a hive...
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    Resident Evil 7 Review - Welcome to the Family

    Having watched some early gameplay, it seems like there are absolutely bits of RE silliness in the game; it's just overshadowed by the fact that this kind of stuff would be terrifying as shit and the main character doesn't really brush it off the way previous ones usually did.
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    Second Free Dishonored 2 Update Adds Custom Difficulty Settings and Mission Select

    Having loaded up the game, the options seem to be: * Difficulty (no change there) * Save Model (infinite, one, or no save slots) * Quick-access Wheel (whether or not the game slows when the tool/power wheel is open) * Enemy Perception (how long it takes enemies to notice you) * Enemy...
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    "Prey Won't Have PC Launch Issues" Claims Arkane

    A quote comes to mind from Cracked. Let's see if I can find it... Ah, here it is. "There's a line between tempting fate and dressing up in a low-cut gown, lying on a bed covered in thousand dollar bills and purring 'Oh Fate, you big handsome stud.'"
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    Shut In - Oh, Boy

    At a guess, the paralyzed son isn't paralyzed and is trying to possess his mother (in the ownership sense, not the supernatural) entirely.
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    Remembering passwords

    What I usually do is I make my password a sentence relating to the site itself. For example, would I make an account for Twitter, my password would be something like: 'Sound and fury, signifying nothing.' For sites that I use less frequently, I have a word document that I write them down in...
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    Poll: You have to fist fight the last game character you played as, how does it go?

    Well... if we actually fought I'd be screwed. However, I don't a fight would actually happen. Doomguy would probably pick me up by the scruff of my neck, look at me curiously for a few seconds, then put me down and wander off looking for demons. As long as I don't have any pentagrams on me or...
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    Bethesda's Todd Howard Says Elder Scrolls VI is "A Long Way Off"

    On the one hand, the sheer amount of irons in the fire they have right now makes that claim utterly believable. On the other hand, they have lied about development progress to make the release announcement a surprise before. So on balance, I'll expect it to be released 2020 or so, and hope...
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    Get a First Look at Dishonored 2 Gameplay in this New E3 Trailer

    This. Looks. Damn. Awesome. The first game had some stumbling points, but I loved it all the same, so I'm looking forward to this. Wait. Was that Delilah? I thought I left her in a tree. How'd she get out? Also, I'm pretty sure that's Billie Lurk. Wonder if Daud will put in an appearance.
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    New XCOM 2 Alien Hunters DLC Coming Next Week

    Finally. My first playthrough was so thorough I've been holding off on a second one until new content came out. Now I can save the world atop a pile of my soldier's corpses once again!
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    Level scaling, why is this a thing?

    My greatest argument for level scaling is Kingdoms of Amalur. By about a third of the way through the game, every time I entered a new area I could kill the toughest enemy in about four hits and my exp acquisition was still accelerating. That was a game that absolutely would have benefited from...
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    Five Webcomics I'm Reading That You Should Too

    *looks at ridiculously long list of bookmarks* Yeah, I'm not going to try and shill all the webcomics I read because that would take way too long. I'll stick with Atomic Robo, Broodhollow, Cucumber Quest, Grrl Power, Gunnerkrigg Court, Lackadaisy, and Paranatural. Anyways, good list. I've...