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    Poll: Future Total War games

    Pretty much this. The warhammer game is actually looking pretty interesting to me. I've no knowledge of the original game, however, and I'm worried that they're going to have a shitstorm if they don't cater to fans of the original's every wish. I just really like the idea of a game where you...
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    Poll: The Wolf Among Us - Why is it good?

    I'm definitely in the preferred The Wolf Among Us to The Walking Dead camp. I'll get the good stuff in favor of Wolf Among us out of the way first: - I really liked the characters - the setting was unique and intriguing - the action scenes - while still the qte's you know and love/hate...
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    RPG Character Appearance

    I shake things up, but pretty much never do anything too silly, as I like a sense of immersion. For whatever reason though, almost every character I've ever made in anything has blue eyes. Probably because I have blue eyes. Or I'm half of an aryan supremacist. Or I just like blue eyes. Take your...
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    MMO's you'd like to see as single player games?

    Definitely Star Wars: The Old Republic. My biggest problem was the MMO bits stapled awkwardly to what otherwise have ended up as a fantastic RPG with a ton of different protagonists to choose from (both good and evil). Really a pity.
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    The person above me secretly wishes for....

    Facial features.
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    The writing backwards thread

    ...saw yllautca ti naht nedal ytinaforp erom tol a saw daerht siht thguoht I ecnalg tsrif ta oS ."tihs" ekil skool sdrawkcab nettirw "siht" taht deciton tsuj ev'I
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    If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

    Scratch my head at the strange flashing square with pictures on it, the souls within forever trapped in an infinite loop.
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    The above user's avatar is trying to kill you!

    I'll counter his question mark with an exclamation point! Or maybe a semicolon; what do you think?
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    The person above me secretly wishes for....

    A Zapdos.
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    Ruin-A-Wish Foundation.

    Granted, but it turns out food money tastes horrible and isn't accepted as legal tender. I wish that I could fly!
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    If this is the answer, what is the question?

    What were your last words before being devoured by a clam? Anatomically correct ham sandwich.
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    Ruin-A-Wish Foundation.

    Granted, but it's so bad that you rip out the tooth, and now you just have a jaw ache. I wish this wish wouldn't come true.
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    On saving; Where's the line?

    To me it depends on the game, and how failure is treated within the game. For example, in Dishonored, I felt the game worked very well in the sense that any "failures" on my part just turned into interesting and unexpected gameplay. It was actually more fun not to reload a save until I actually...
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    You have become the main character in the last game that you played.

    I was just playing the Witcher 2. Hmm... Now I've got yellow eyes, lots of scars, and white hair. On the plus side, I have superhuman reflexes and senses, immunity to disease and resistance to poisons, and some freakin badass swords. Plus, I've got a few spells, including a Jedi Mind trick like...
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    Why do we praise the same characters over and over?

    I feel like I say this a lot in discussions of this nature but it's an important point. Everything is in the execution. Yes, there are a lot of similarities between many stories, but, taking your first example, I felt much more invested in Joel and Ellie's story than Whatshisface and...