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    How much of a gaming snob are you?

    Hugely snobby. Sorry, internets. I watch Jon Blow lectures, I've written enough to fill a novel praising Dark Souls, I think Bethesda, Rockstar, and Valve are all "okay"... I actually don't hate CoD as much as some people. It's just thoroughly mediocre. Well, the multiplayer at least; single...
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    Rapist With The Dragon Tattoo

    First, to your point about the incoherence of the investigation - I agree. The original explained everything much better, for what it's worth. Now, about the scene in question... I don't think the point was to show Lisbeth Solander in a particularly good light. She's generally violent...
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    How does New Vegas "Railroad" You?

    Is this really something people criticize New Vegas for? I felt it was one of the improvements over Fallout 3 that the narrative had a little more structure. It's not like it's very linear, even at that point in the game. I mean, railroading? What do they call Final Fantasy, tightroping?
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    Poll: So PS3 OWNERS, any Interest in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch?

    Absolutely. The gameplay looks really cool, the art style is fantastic, music is top tier, the world and characters look engaging, hell yes.
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    Poll: Hey Bethesda fans, Elder Scrolls or Fallout?

    Fallout because TES is horribly designed. I had fun exploring Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, but when it comes time to make progress in the game things turn to shit. First, the story is laughably generic fantasy. I don't even wanna hear about their supposedly brilliant fourth wall breaking...
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    Do you care about Hitman Absolution?

    Definitely interested. I haven't played a good stealth game in forever (didn't like DX:HR). As long as it doesn't put too much emphasis on action, I'll most likely pick it up. I'm really excited about Dishonored too, though. They might have to fight it out for my $60.
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    LilithSlave teaches you about the one true religion: Touhou

    I saw these games on youtube a while back, and I didn't really get what was going on. Is it just a scrolling shooter the whole way through? I've never really gotten into a game like that. Played Ikaruga and R-Type a bit but I got tired of dying. I could see maybe if there was an engaging story...
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    Hardest Game Ever!

    Punishment II's harder.
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    A Good Game for an Absolute Beginner?

    Your best bet is probably The Sims. Everyone seems to love those games. Gotta agree with Super Mario Brothers, especially SMB3 and Super Mario World. If she just has a PC, there's always emulators.
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    Alright (insert game here), how the FUCK was I supposed to know that?!

    I was playing through Ico recently. There's this one puzzle area where you have to swing on a rope over a chasm. The only problem is, tilting the control stick doesn't change your direction while swinging, and you're forced to swing at the wrong angle to make the jump. I spent probably an hour...
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    Console gamers- What TV do you use?

    Toshiba, 32 inch. I forget the model #. It's a really nice TV for the price (~$350). I've had no issues with it so far. It's actually the first TV I've ever bought.
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    Mass Effect virgin almost five years later

    "Why does the game feel like a visual novel with some shooty bits?" Haha, hit the nail on the head there, bro. I enjoyed it for what it was, but honestly, don't expect the depth of The Witcher, or even KoTOR. It's a lot of time to spend on something you don't love. Also, I feel I should let...
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    Poll: Is your first Final Fantasy your favorite?

    I only played a handful, but yeah, VI is my jam. Chrono Trigger was better than all of them, though.
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    Poll: HEY PS3 OWNERS, Are you interested in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

    Not at all. I consider the fact that SSB was good something of a freak accident/miracle. And I actually liked some of those characters.
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    Dark Souls DLC Petition for Consoles

    lol, what? when you read that, did you realize it made no sense? I'm not too concerned. I'm sure From and Namco will bring the expansion to the consoles. Why would they not? It would be like throwing money away.