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    Which game should be a big budget movie production?

    Half Life series, fucking excellent. Christian Bale as Dr. Freeman, would be fantastic.
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    UK Atheists Hope to Eliminate Jedi Population

    It pisses me off where it says, (H4) "Apart from everyone counted in question H2, who else is staying overnight here on 27 March 2011..." Me and my housemate are STUDENTS. This means there could be any number of people staying over on that night. How can we know in advance. It might just...
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    What is the hardest boss ever?

    That German fucker with the knives on Alpha Protocol. Seriously wtf?
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    Consenting to Sex

    Dude that was the EXACT point i was making, if they were TOO DRUNK TO GIVE CONSENT.
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    Killing yourself: Could you do it?

    Never ever. Giving up (at anything) is not an option for me. Also I love myself too much xD
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    Full body scans and pat downs: Do they cross the line?

    I don't really care about people touching me or seeing me naked so meh, if it's necessary, leave it be. Jim
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    Consenting to Sex

    Yeah, they made the decision to be drunk. Not to have sex. It's definitely rape, and they shouldn't be punished in such a horrific way for going a bit overboard on the drink. Imagine you forgot to lock your house. Do you therefore DESERVE to be burgled?
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    Hairy Chests. Your Stance?

    My sideburns compensate for my lack of chest hair. *cries himself to sleep*
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    Hairy Chests. Your Stance?

    I have a treasure trail and that's it. I like it that way. I work out a shit load so girls like to touch. Hair would detract from the feel of it, I think. But it depends on the girl. My brother looks like a gorilla, and he has had a ridiculous amount of girls/women. Some like it with, some...
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    Consenting to Sex

    Keep thinking of new things to say. When I get involved with something my mind goes into overdrive and I get really passionate about anything I have a strong opinion on. But yeah, believe it or not, in some ways I'm quite old fashioned. For example, I have had sex with my girlfriend while...
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    Consenting to Sex

    Also, to the guy banging on about "Before you have sex get consent and a signed document and a third party witness on a video" You must have extremely boring sex if you are being genuinely serious. Just sayin' And to those of you who think I'm an arsehole for anything I've said, I'm...
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    Consenting to Sex

    As someone who is brutally honest, extremely vain, and with strong principles, who likes parties and getting drunk, I think I am perfect to give commentary on this particular article. I like to go out and get drunk. To varying degrees. Sometimes I'll go out, with the intention of having one...
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    Megan Fox wont be in Transformers 3

    After reading the replies, all I can deduce is that 90% of you are gay. When megan fox was on screen I wasn't staring at her acting. Transformers: cool giant robots, lots of explosions and cool shit going on. Megan fox oiled/sweaty leaning over a cool car wearing virtually no clothes...
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    Unskippable: Resonance of Fate

    I think the voice acting gave me AIDS