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    Telltale's "The Wolf Among Us" thread

    Finished the first episode, and I'm really really looking forward to the next episodes. While I did love the Walking Dead, I feel like I'm going to like this series a lot more. I personally haven't seen anything like it in terms of the story and what not, zombies have just been over played etc.
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    Dark Souls 2 or Elder Scrolls Online?

    Dark Souls 2 for me, I loved loved loved the first one, and while I do adore Elder Scrolls games, I already pay for WoW so I'm not going to even touch ESO unless it becomes F2P in the future.
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    Metro: Last Light is $0.01 on Best Buy's Website Right Now

    Just adding another thing. Some people are saying they are revoking the steam game from people who used keys they got from this mistake. Not sure if they can do that, or if what people are saying is true.
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    Metro: Last Light is $0.01 on Best Buy's Website Right Now

    Apparently all orders are being cancelled. "All orders are being canceled, as it was an error. I apologize for any inconvenience!" - Bestbuy facebook page.
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    Metro: Last Light is $0.01 on Best Buy's Website Right Now

    From comments on the this page (Where I found out about it in the first place) People are saying they're waiting up to 30 minutes to get it, but they are getting it. "Check your e-mails. It took about 13...
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    Metro: Last Light is $0.01 on Best Buy's Website Right Now

    I just linked this to some others actually. Interested to see if it's actual legit and such. Also just a note, you can still purchase this outside of the US. I just managed to.
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    What games do you feel got "missed out" on this generation?

    Before Last Light came out, nearly everyone I know hadn't played Metro 2033. I loved it, and actually replayed it about 8 times just because I loved stealthing through it. Not saying it's the best game, but I think it got missed out. I feel like The Witcher (1 and 2) got ignored quite a bit...
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    what surgery's have you had?

    I had septic arthritis, which required me to have surgery. I was 10 at the time I think. Was in hospital for a month(ish) I think, most of it was psychical therapy though. Then I was in a wheelchair for 2 months. (Went to Alton Towers and a wedding in it, was fun.
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    Poll: Are you comfotable naked ?

    Same! Except really! So yeah, I am comfy naked. If people are in the house I might put boxers on just so they don't see anything, but if it's just me, or just me and my girlfriend, I'll just chill naked most times. My dog has seen some shit as well, poor thing.
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    Age of Empires 2 HD is broken, much anger is being felt

    I had trouble with it as well. Every time I opened the launcher it would just "Launcher has stopped working." I've seen a lot of complaints and people demanding refunds. Just in case anyone had the same problem as I did. Go into AoE2HD's folder, and there should be AoK HD.exe and...
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    Have you ever done anything dumb in gaming?

    If got £1 for every time I did something stupid during a raid on World of Warcraft, I wouldn't be rich, but I'd have a lot more money in my pocket. When targeting a boss, I might accident attack it with a spell, the amount of times when the raid tried to sneak past a group of enemies, and I'd...
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    Have you ever loved a series/francise so much that you DIDN'T want to see it continue?

    Eh, I didn't. I've really liked the seasons past then. However, I do think this should be the season, with permanently closing the Hell gates being the end of it. Though I've heard they've already got contracts or something for another season after the current one. Either way, still liking the...
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    Poll: The Obligatory "Which did you like better? Bioshock 1, 2, or Infinite?" Thread

    While I loved all three of them, I'm quite torn between all three. The first one I felt had a good story, and a good twist. I loved Rapture, more than Columbia (though the rails are fun to use). I like the characters/enemies in Rapture more than most from Columbia, like the Big Daddys (Which...
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    Foods you hate/don't enjoy

    Lasagna, the first time I ate that, I puked it up during the night. I refused to eat it for years, then I tried it again, and nearly puked again. I can't even describe it, it's just bad. I also refuse to eat curry, I tried one, hated it, never again. The look of them also makes me want to...
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    Which games are you looking forward to this year?

    Grand Theft Auto 5, Metro Last Light, Amnesia Machine for Pigs. Watch Dogs, but I only heard that it was coming out this year, not sure if it actually is. I'm also quite looking forward to The Last of Us, which I think is this year also. I also totally forgot about the season 2 of the...