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    Moments in tv, movies etc. where you thought "Why is this so boring?"

    I recently saw Transcendence because I saw it had a horrible rating on Rotten Tomatoes and was expecting a funny-bad movie. Instead I found myself so disengaged from the film that both me and my friend fell asleep and were woken up 5 minutes after the showing had ended by an usher. I also had...
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    501st legion give Storm Trooper armour to bullied girl

    It's moments like this I'm reminded of a quote from Doug Stanhope: "Charity feels good, even when you're doing it as a big ?Fuck You?..."
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    Need some help with a new PC build

    Get a bigger PSU in the 650-750W margin. Having more headroom with your power supply means you don't have to worry about wattage when upgrading. Get higher frequency RAM that's under 2000MHz. Higher frequency RAM will improve a system's performance immensely. I have an i7 OC'd to 4.5GHz and a...
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    Sales tax on gift cards / game cards at gamestop?

    If by "Gamecards" you mean cards with game codes activated over digital store then it might make sense to tax a card with a code for Minecraft or some other title because then you are purchasing a good or service. Goods and services can be taxed because the product or service is tangible...
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    What do the content creators owe to the fans?

    What content creators owe to their fans can be summed up in one question: Are you paying for it? If the answer is "no", then the creator owes fuckall to you since you're likely not contributing a single damn bit to their work. If the answer is "Yes", then the content creator owes you an...
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    Do rich characters deserve pity?

    For me it depends on the situation and how the individual has been depicted. If it's a comic book character like Bruce Wayne or Britt Reid where the character has money pouring out their ear, yet uses that money to help others, I can feel sorry for them. Maybe perhaps Adam Sandler's character...
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    african american athletes..does their ability have anything to do with slavery?

    It would make sense that through the selection of slaves who were taller, stronger, and more physically adept that the continual favoritism of individuals with said traits would be more desirable to potential owners. It'd also create a market in regions where people were sold into slavery and...
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    Poll: Poll of the Day #1: Ragnaros vs Godzilla, who would win?

    Godzilla. You can't beat a monster with this much swag.
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    Intrusive Ads

    I draw the line for ads when they autoplay sound, or cause my anti-virus software to start sending up red flags. It's not just tied to the internet, but also applications I use for gaming such as Play withSix which are becoming riddled with ads from random sites without so much as a check to see...
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    Disney Channel, MTV for children?

    Yes, Mr. Sherlock. It seems you have uncovered this mystery and shown Disney to be the soulless media machine it is and has always been. Disney's media strategy is not unlike that of Nintendo's. They find a forumla that brings in a steady cash flow, then when they have accrued enough to...
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    Gamer Girls Magazine - Demeaning, sexist and racist!

    What I find most offensive about this is that this magazine goes as far as to put tape on the bridge of that model's lenseless frames. I know this magazine cover is an atrocity in practically every way, but putting that strip of tape on the bridge is the cherry on top of this fucking monstrous...
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    Poll: Kill La Kill - Is it any good?

    It's self aware for how outrageously stupid it is, and it revels in it. It also knows the exact moment when to stop being stupid and be serious, if just for brief moments at times. If you're into that, I'd also suggest looking into shows also made by Trigger such as Panty, Stocking & Garterbelt.
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    Should Boxing Be Banned?

    Any sport in which the head could potentially become involved is dangerous, and it's not like the people involved are unaware of what could potentially happen to them. The boxer knows going into the sport that there is a likely chance they will come out of a match with a concussion, but they...
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    Let's Embrace Our Inner Hipster!

    *dons lenseless frames* I like to watch old TV shows and movies. Not because they're good or anything, but because I like to tell people I watch them and say how soulless and stupid modern shows are. They have no substance to them because like, they were made by corporate media giants...
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    Want Escapist Opinion: I want to ban Horror Movie Trailers late at night...

    Doesn't this go along with the running ideal of Adult Swim though? They have a noted history of doing things to fuck with their audience in the past, whether it be something they know will piss people off, annoy them, or confuse them.