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    Terraria Goes to Consoles, PC Gamers Go Nuts

    The fuck is wrong with people. How is this something to get angry about?! I play exclusively on PC, but I rarely even dare mention that because of the frankly shameful reputation a "PC gamer" has these days. Stop being such bellends already! It's embarrasing to live in the same dimension as...
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    Poll: What color eyes do you want to have?

    I'm happy with blue eyes =p. If I could chose I may go for purple/pink just because awesome, but really I don't mind my eyecolor at all X3.
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    Poll: Fake Geek Girl Meme

    Of all the pointless discussion, this is one I've never had and hope I never will. *tips hat forward* Good day!
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    The sarcasm/BDSM discussion thread!

    As someone deelpy into this kind of thing, I really can't see how this is sexist at all. There is no given that the man is the dominant one (in fact, in the circles I mingle, the other way around is more common), and there IS a great need for trust between the parties. If that trust is broken...
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    Bethesda "Disappointed" There's No PS3 Skyrim DLC Yet

    Honestly, I don't see the diference between this, and PC-gamers having to wait to get a poorly ported version of games that have been out on the PS3 and the 360 for ages. Often the wait for these games is extremely long (something like half a year to a full year isn't uncommon in my experience)...
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    Poll: Father in rural Germany finds his young son likes to wear dresses; does the same to show solidarity.

    I love this X3. People seem to think that you don't really develop your gender identity or whatever until you have sexual preferences. My family had an idea that something wasn't quite normal by the time I was 6, and despite many years in school, where being "like the rest" is more important...
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    What is your guilty pleasure?

    I can't think of anything really... I don't feel guilty about the things I enjoy X3. Others may well think it's strange or even disgusting, but thats about them not me Oo.
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    DoA Dev Says Jiggle Physics Are Part of Japanese Culture

    I'm all for a more accurate portrayal of human anatomy, though I haven't actually seen these "breast physics" in action so I have no idea if they look realistic or not! But honestly, you'd think a woman who jumps around a lot kicking at the air and doing backflips had the sensibilities to put on...
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    Helpful Old Lady Ruins 200-Year-Old Portrait

    Forever when I see jesus I will think of the howler monkey now.. Religion just got a whole lot more appealing!
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    A question for furrys.

    True, I can totally agree with that! As with anything I guess, there is a stupid ammount of sexyness and comparatively too little from the other end of the scale. I've been thinking of getting a web comic going in a furry style because that would be a lot of fun (even though they already exist)...
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    Elder Scrolls question

    I like that it remains a mystery, like many other things in TES. Keeps me very interested and keeps my imagination running wild, I've even enjoyed investigating it in Skyrim X3.
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    A question for furrys.

    My only problem with what you say there is that the MLP stuff comes up all over the place if I do any kind of furry search =3. I can't honestly say I'm sorry if my sexual kinks has ruined something you used to like though, but I will say it's a shame you don't feel you can enjoy it anymore Oo...
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    A question for furrys.

    I don't label myself as anything really, I don't call myself a gamer for example. All of these terms are so poorly defined in general opinion that it becomes nearly impossible to use them anyway. I think a LOT of people confuse furry with beastality though, which it is not! From a lot of what...
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    The thought process of Lucasrats.

    The world will never see the stupidity that goes on about the Lucas Arts doors... It IS strange, that they seem to have completely abandoned the things that made their games work in the past for all of their recent ones. 1313 does interest me though, I'm looking forward to hearing some more...
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    Characters people love that you hate.

    I don't HATE any character really X3. Not many people or things get me to feel that emotion =p. I'm ANNOYED by a whole bunch though! I guess Chuck Norris, and here in Norway, Lars Monsen, are two "characters" I really havea distaste... And that is, I don't hate the real people, but I am...