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    Razer Deathadder Elite Review - A Great All-Around Gaming Mouse

    The software was an issue for me with the death adder. Maybe it just didn't play well with Vista, but I didn't want another razer product after messing with it enough. My other issue with it is an issue I have had across multiple products from various companies and that's the rubber turning...
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    Furby Movie Announced - No joke, Just Sadness

    Crossing fingers for a Critters reboot and furbies turn out to be some kind of hybrid species that evolved.
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    Lenovo, Dell, Asus Are Making $300 Windows 10 VR Headsets

    I'm sure each of these companies will fill it with pre-load adware with the excuse that they had to in order to keep costs down.
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    Good Bad Flicks: Exploring Late Phases

    Going to have to watch this soon as I absolutely love werewolf movies (even most of the bad ones). Apparently had it buried in my netflix streaming list and forgot about it!
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    Blizzard Reveals the In-Game Items You'll Get With the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket This Year

    While the murlocs are pretty standard for the goodie bag, this years seem pretty sub par compared to the other years. Instead of being a current expansion promotion it appears to be for the movie and I think they could have gotten a much better pull from a gul'dan/legion based murloc pet.
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    8 Dungeons We Want to See Remade to WoW

    I miss Shadowfang being more worgen based, but the forsaken have driven that out of the area. Instead perhaps a new worgen based instance could pop up on bloodmoon isle/surrounding areas. Could be interesting if the the more feral worgen clans took over a large portion of Grizzly hills in...
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    Five and a Half Hours In, Someone Already Hit Level 110 in World of Warcraft's Legion Expansion

    Presumably he's already gotten to enjoy the content if he did all the preparations in beta. I'm assuming at this point it's more like leveling alt number 6 when all the magic has worn off and you just want to get through the quest.
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    A Dutch Company Says it Owns the Patent on No Man's Sky's Procedural Generation Algorithm

    Honestly don't know. I would assume you're put under the laws of where your company is based and then that extends to each country your product is sold/distributed through, but we all know how good assumptions are.
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    A Dutch Company Says it Owns the Patent on No Man's Sky's Procedural Generation Algorithm

    According to the wiki they're based in Guildford, England. Looks like the EU laws will apply in this situation.
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    World of Warcraft: Legion Pre-Patch Lands Tuesday, Brings Big Changes

    I'm really liking what I'm seeing of the new transmog feature. Will dig into it if I ever get back to playing WoW. Something like this would be a godsend for square's mmos.
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    Blizzard Looks to Clean Up World of Warcraft Chat with New Silence Penalties

    It says the punishment is only issued after investigation so I would assume someone actually checks beforehand. In addition I'm sure anyone grouping up to troll will find themselves getting punished after reports are reviewed.
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    Sony Bend Introduces Days Gone at E3 With New Trailer

    So most of the population has been transformed into ghouls trying to eat or simply murder everyone. I'm assuming the survivors are doing what they can to stay alive, but in all of this chaos there's still bounty hunters? They aren't zombies, because a bullet to just anywhere wouldn't kill a...
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    Kojima Productions' First Game is Death Stranding, Starring Norman Reedus

    Who knew letting out your inner child could be so creepy... I'm sure he's grabbed a lot of people's attention, even if just sheer curiosity as to what the heck the game is about after that extremely obscure clip.
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    Overwatch Cheaters Are Getting Wrecked By Blizzard

    On one hand, complete lockout of all games seems harsh, but on the other... if you know the penalty for getting caught is losing your entire account and subsequent accounts, would you still cheat? If yes, good riddance, if no well problem solved. It may seem harsh, but it's just a game. I'm...
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    If You Go Watch Warcraft, You'll Get a Free Digital Copy of World of Warcraft

    The ticket basically includes the base battlechest account. From what I read earlier they've just included up to WoD as part of the battle chest and anyone that had the pandaria expansion has been upgraded to WoD. They're trying to get new people hooked. Get people to drag their...