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    8th Generation = Repeat of 5th generation

    Ultimately the only measure of success that matters for consoles is which had the best games. Making the PS2 one of the best ever made.
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    These '90s Jurassic Park Technologies Were Once Wonderous

    Saying that CD-ROM was bordering on obsolescence in 1993 because DVD's were released two years later isn't really all that accurate considering few people had the former in 1993, and no one had the latter in 1995. DVD's, and particularly DVD drives for computers, were still more than 5 years...
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    Why did BioWare not do a good job with DA: Inquisition?

    I haven't played the game, but based on my history playing previous BioWare titles I'd guess there are two possibilities: 1) BioWare just isn't that great a developer, or; 2) Who the hell even knows which BioWare team made it? I have little doubt there's some of the first one creeping in...
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    8 Terrible Movie Reboots

    Even if someone didn't like Halloween, putting it in a list with Psycho, Poseidon, The Haunting... hell, pretty much every other movie on the list, is kind of silly. I find it difficult to believe there's a person alive who would consider it as bad as any of those.
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    Linux Users Drop to Under 1% In Latest Steam Survey

    If you think this has a significant impact on the results for Linux and Mac OS then you don't know much about statistical sampling.
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    The worst documentary you have ever seen

    Not to mention it's been pretty well established that he lied about his dietary intake from McDonald's, did not stick to the rules he set out for himself in the beginning in an attempt to get the results he wanted, and has refused to make his food logs (if they exist) available to anyone last I...
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    8 Defunct Game Studios that We Wish Would Reopen

    Gotta disagree with Irrational. Some of their early games were great but from Bioshock on they didn't release anything able to rise above the level of mediocre.
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    Konami pulls out of Console Gaming

    Considering they'd still be able to use those licenses in the future outside of games and they're probably still lucrative I don't think they'll ever sell them. License them to other companies to make games maybe, but that's it. And I'll say right now that Visceral would be a terrible choice...
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    Poll: There are only 2 genders....right?

    Ones biological sex has little to nothing to do with gender which is a social construct. You may have meant what you said, but what you said was incorrect.
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    Poll: Jedi or Sith Philosophy: Who is right?

    This. Both philosophies, as demonstrated in the films anyway, are such over simplified, good and evil, black and white, infantile nonsense as to be almost devoid of any usefulness as a "philosophy." They're a quick and easy way of explaining who the good guys and the bad guys are and literally...
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    8 Games Worthy of a Perfect Review Score

    Agreed though I'd argue solid in every aspect except combat. Same goes for Arkham City in that regard. I don't care how many moves or combos you put in if the combat system is still so mind numbingly easy that it borders on button mashing. The game is actually a lot more interesting if you avoid...
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    Poll: Knights of the Old Republic and other Star Wars Titles

    I've never understood how the big twist held any impact even on the first play through. The foreshadowing might as well be an actual club that Bioware took and beat you half to death with. There was no subtlety to it at all, and the rest of the story wasn't all that different. Add in the...
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    All Future Battlefield 4 DLC Will be Free

    Not sure this is so much praise worthy as it is, "huh? EA doing something right for a change? Where are the horsemen and the fire raining from the sky?" Though considering how they completely fucked BF4's launch and sold people a completely broken game, they should have been giving away free...
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    Poll: Quicksilver - Days of Future Past, or Age of Ultron?

    That actually makes it worse if true. DoFP had one cool scene with the walking plot hole that was their version of Quicksilver. AoU actually had a character underneath all the super speed. That alone makes me prefer the AoU version.
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    What fighting game(s) did you guys play to make you hate fighting games so much?

    This is why, despite the fact that I am a fighting fan, Soul Calibur 2 is the only fighting game I've ever played with a good tutorial. Weapon Master mode in that game plays as a single player, pseudo-adventure mode. You go from one challenge on the map to the next, sometimes going back to older...