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    Superhero Films for Non-Fans.

    You might want to look into Chronicle. I think that deviates from the normal superhero story. It discusses what happens when people who are not entirely mentally stable are given super powers.
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    Favourite credits music?

    I've already been ninja'd, so I'll add my vote for M4P2 by Faunts (the credits music of Mass Effect). I bought the song, and it brings back fond space-faring memories every time I listen to it. Their song at the end of Mass Effect 3, Das Malefitz, is also quite good.
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    Best Ending Credits in gaming

    Exactly. The song provides such a fitting end to the game.
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    What is your favorite TV show of all time?

    I watched all the episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer this summer and enjoyed the hell out of it. It's definitely my favorite TV show. For shows that are currently airing, I'd have to say Breaking Bad or Mad Men.
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    BioWare Wants Fan Input on Sexy Anime-Style Mass Effect Statue

    Absolutely agree. Well said, sir! This style does not work for Liara at all.
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    Gears of War has the best commercials.

    OT: I agree that the videos are well put together, but they really don't represent the games to me. When I play Gears, I'm not focused on the story, but the violent gameplay. Granted, I know plenty of people who play for the story, just not me. Also, you reminded me of this.
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    Do you care about lore?

    I do the same thing. I just find the entire universe to be incredibly interesting. Hell I don't even play 40k. I definitely enjoy a game with lore. It helps with the immersion, and makes the world seem more real.
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    Why I think that "A Song of Ice and Fire" is poorly written. *Warning, spoilers likely*

    Wait? Nothing happens in the first book? It ends with Robb Stark fighting against the newly proclaimed King, after his father's imprisonment and execution.The first book set up everything. And you say that nothing happens, because only one battle occurs? And plenty happens in the second...
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    Poll: Poll: Rule 34, Your opinion

    Some of it is understandable, but the rest is made for destroying childhood memories. Land Before Time cast why? WHY??!?!?!
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    Fallout: New Vegas, Is It Worth It?

    I recommend that you purchase it. I recently started playing the game again on the 360, and it's a blast. I started a very hard/hardcore playthrough, which has made the game much more interesting. Fallout 3 is only better with the environment, the Mojave is more empty when compared to the DC...
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    American Humour is Terrible

    Other people like American humor. It's called an opinion. You're not right, and neither are they.
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    Fallout New Vegas: Help me Kill an adult Deathclaw!

    Boom problem solved. Seriously though, I ran from deathclaws until I got the anti-material rifle.
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    Poll: What console are you playing Skyrim on?

    I'm gonna give it a go on the X-Bawx 360. Cuz it's the 1337est thing since sliced bread. And if I try it on my laptop, I'll get 1st degree burns on my groin.
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    Poll: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report

    I consider it news as well, but it should not be your only source. Topics are not always chosen for their prevalence, but comedic value. And yes, I really like watching the Daily show and Colbert Report. I prefer Stewart though.
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    Miracle of Sound: Little Sister (BioShock)

    This was awesome. Definitely one of my favorites! Keep up the good work.