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    Guacamelee vs Axiom Verge

    Axiom Verge by far. I loved the music and loved the graphics. Guacamelee felt too simplistic and I got bored and never finished it. Axiom Verge was a descent into 8 bit nightmare land with surreal imagery I'll never forget.
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    Doom switch edition is out

    I was going to try to justify getting this on PS4 for cheaper this year, but I'm sick of FPSs. I feel like the graphics are only noticeable better on a decent gaming PC, which I don't have. I will probably wait until I have a Switch, so it doesn't hog the TV. Or just never play it at all.
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    Recommend me a 3DS game

    Agreed. It's kind of grating and annoying, but it has an odd charm to it. Don't think it's getting a sequel because it failed miserably, if I recall correctly. Also Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars is great, if you're into the turn based strategy genre.
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    Anyone wants to talk about The Twilight Zone?

    I always loved Willoughby and I'll watch it whenever it's on. Same goes for The Invaders. As far as deep cuts, I really like the absurdity of The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebuck. Speaking of great shows, has anyone else tried One Step Beyond? Not at the same level of quality as The Twilight...
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    Let's talk Switch

    It really looks like a great piece of hardware, just completely crippled by poor planning. Why is this even coming out now? 1-2 Switch sounds like a good demonstration of what the system can do like Wii Sports, but Nintendo says they can't include it to "keep the price down." Hey guys, you...
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    Songs/Music that f***ed you up?

    I love the band Suicide. Such a great sound. The last song to really get under my skin was "When I Win the Lottery" by Camper Van Beethoven. I'm pretty sure they make a strong case towards none of us having any free will whatsoever. Terrifying.
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    Poll: An unlocked car is stolen, who is to blame?

    That holds true in a city, but if you live in a rural or even medium sized town, it's not as true. Car thefts out in the country probably consist of "hey, there's a car. I need one of those." And even then, that's pretty rare, seeing as how out in the open everything is, and given how many...
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    Poll: Poll: Have you been perma-banned from websites?

    I think I got banned from GoNintendo a long time ago. Made some really generic joke featuring a stereotype about the French as a sarcastic and intentional overreaction to some vaguely France related story. Well, I guess you can't detect sarcasm on the internet, so was called a racist and...
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    Poll: An unlocked car is stolen, who is to blame?

    To borrow some logic from my late grandfather, he never locked his car. He would rather someone just steal it, rather than break a window and steal it. It also ensures you never get locked out of your car. The lock on the car door is an illusion of safety. It's a minimal barrier to someone...
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    Disney Announces The Rocketeer Sequel-Reboot

    At least they gave it a different title. "We're putting out an old thing again. We're calling it Old Thing: Classic Remix Hd Remastered Collection. We're also putting out a completely different new thing." What are you calling it? "Old Thing."
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    Ranting Thread

    On that same note, I get really annoyed that when you don't like an artistic choice about an existing character, then that means you must be labeled a racist, misogynist, or crybaby. Not liking new Ghostbusters doesn't make you a misogynist. Not liking gay Sulu doesn't make George Takei a...
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    Bethesda Fixes Far Harbor on PS4, but You Need to Download it Again

    Actually they were doing too much Q&A (question and answer, I presume) and not enough QA (quality assurance). I think there were some general framerate and texture deficiencies compared to the 360 version. The "big" problem was that if you played it long enough (like 30 to 50 hours, which...
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    Soooo.... James "AVGN" Rolfe is in the news this week..

    It's just bizarre that this is news. My wife doesn't want to see it either, as well as countless other movies she's just not interested in. Slapping the name Ghostbusters on something doesn't make it Ghostbusters and that was the point of the video. Did I go see The Heat? No. Did I see Spy...
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    When has something been too mean-spirited or cruel for you to enjoy?

    I'll echo the sentiment of a lot of other posts and say GTA V as well. I loved all the other games (which were pretty damn mean spirited at times), but they focused so many of the missions on the all-important plot that the horrific characters were harder to live with. I tended to put a small...
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    Study About 'Sexist Games' is Severely Flawed

    VR is right around the corner and our precious GTAs, GOWs, CODs, and various FPSs won't seem so harmful when minors are downloading hardcore VR porn. But eventually, they'll move onto something else in a few decades after that. How about this for a study? Someone find a correlation between...