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    Blizzard "Trying Not to Oversexualize" Female Overwatch Characters

    Good for Blizzard! While what they've done with Overwatch could still be improved, I'm glad that they're taking a step in the right direction.
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    Jimquisition: Stupid Sexy Bayonetta

    I feel like this depends on what a game "review" actually is, and what kind of content the website in and of it self produces. Is a review just an article saying this game is good because x but bad because y? Or is it the author's experience with the game and what they enjoyed and...
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    I need a girlfriend game

    Dude, Fallout 3 or New Vegas are a fine place to start. Just sit down with her and look through your games library. Does this seem interesting? How 'bout this? Pick something and she can play it and you can watch. It'll be fun!
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    Can we please stop it with the Tumblr hate?

    Wait wait wait, if feminism and gay rights and stuff ISNT an SJW thing then what the hell are SJWs? I go on tumblr all the time, follow a good mix of fandom and feminist stuff, and was under the impression that I WAS an SJW for trying to be more consciousness about all that stuff.
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    Worst Feeling in a MOBA?

    When I'm not doing so well in the beginning of the game, and keep dying, even when the score is pretty even. I feel like I'm dragging my team down! It almost feels worse when my teammates are really understanding about it too. They're being so nice and I just keep dying and letting them down!
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    How to get the most out of Fallout: New Vegas (and games in general)

    Um, I can't really tell you if you're doing something wrong but what I did, and still do in games like F:NV, is to roleplay my character. Like, what is my character thinking at this moment? Would my character choose this quest option or this one? Would it make sense for my character to say this...
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    The "Male Power Fantasy": what do women generally and actually find sexy?

    Oh, it isn't. I was just confused that's all! :) Anyways... One female character having breasts that are rather large doesn't influence people. When a MAJORITY of them do it becomes a problem, because not all women have breasts that big. When women are treated as objects (Hence the term...
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    The "Male Power Fantasy": what do women generally and actually find sexy?

    Perhaps the reason that sexual objectification is easily done for the male target audience is not because what we find sexy changes, but rather because most of the people who are given creative control are, in fact, men. You seem to be very well educated in this topic, so I'm going to have...
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    The "Male Power Fantasy": what do women generally and actually find sexy?

    Sorry! Fixed the misquote! We do see violence often in the west, but not as much as we see sexualization and - Wait, what do you mean "so called objectification"? What do YOU think objectification is? Media does not CREATE culture, but it reenforces what is already there, or it influences...
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    The "Male Power Fantasy": what do women generally and actually find sexy?

    Snip That's very interesting and all but what does that have to do with the objectification and sexualization of the female form or the male power fantasy? Also, I believe, my good sir, that white knighting is when someone blindly defends something, which is not occurring at the present...
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    The "Male Power Fantasy": what do women generally and actually find sexy?

    It's not just that video games influence our real life behavior, it's that EVERYTHING influences our real life behavior. In almost all media, we equate violence as wrong, but we emulate it because we know that when violence is in games, it's separate from violence in real life. We know, going...
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    How OCD are you about your character's appearance?

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as a You... do realize that the acronym "OCD" stands for "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder", don't you? And that the compulsions aren't just "quirks" or "habits"? That it's a serious thing? That I have? And am pissed off about it being used in this way?
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    How OCD are you about your character's appearance?

    Are you asking people if they are Obsessive Compulsive Disorder about how their character looks? You do know exactly what that means, right? Yes, I do feel like if I choose that certain hair option that I may be cursed for the rest of my life and that something terrible will happen to me. And...
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    Let's players on youtube. I need some good ones. Preferably of RPGs. Male or female, I don't care.

    I highly recommend Cryoatic. He does a variety of games and has a very entertaining way of doing things. He also, and this is important DOES NOT TALK DURING CUTSCENES OR STORY EVENTS!