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    Extra Punctuation: What Is the Matter with You People?

    If I were playing Skyrim on pc the child mortality mod would be one of the first I get. Not because I am some child killing sociopath but because they are annoying as shit and when I save and decide I am going to spend the next 10 minutes killing any npc who has annoyed me in this last session...
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    What's the greatest weakness of your Skyrim character?

    Also my long range is kinda crappy and I suck at aiming my bow because I almost never use it so I let my summons do all the ranged fighting, while I deal out some two handed justice to any non-flying foes. But yeah, for some reason I can stand in dragon fire all day and night no problem, but I...
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    Poll: Alliance or Horde?

    Hells yes!
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    Poll: Alliance or Horde?

    I was hordecore all the way until Garrosh came into power and killed Cairne when thrall abdicated. Before the horde had honor and nobility and leaders that wanted change and peace, now they have been turned into the stereo-typical bad guys. Cataclysm essentially took away what made the horde...
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    Trailers: DmC Devil May Cry - Gamescom Trailer

    Uugh... Now I'm normally all for innovation in games, and I'm not an "AAARG! NO CHANGE BAD" kind of person, but the changes that are being made for DmC: Redundant Subtitle don't seem to be improving anything. Fans of the series had already expressed disdain at the redesign of Dante ages ago when...
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    Jury rules Casey Anthony Not Guilty

    I just read the article and from it alone I find it hard to believe in the innocence of the defendant. Maybe that was just the slant of the article. The way the defense tried not to prove her innocence, but to prove that the prosecution was not conclusive, makes me thing that they were hoping...
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    E3: Asura's Wrath

    I have been excited about this game since I first say the teaser video. I am so glad that the game play is going to be as interesting as the visuals. And it's cool that the mythology they are using will be something other than greek, norse or egyptian which are sort of standard fare at this...
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    DC Comics Rebooting Entire Universe Back to #1

    Did anyone else notice that the green lantern's minigun is emanating from his groin? He also seems to be mid pelvic thrust; maybe the reboot includes a new place for the green lantern's ring to be worn? Just sayin'.
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    Man Chooses to Swap Disabled Hand for Bionic Replacement

    I've got to hand it to you guys; those puns are funny.
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    Trailers: Brink: Launch

    The problem that I see this game having is that justification for the conflict in this game seems super weak. One side wants to leave the boat city thing, and the other side wants to fix it; I see no direct conflict of interests here, the side respective objectives certainly don't seem to be...
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    Teen Arrested for Home-Made "Hot or Not" List on Facebook

    I can see the kid getting suspended for this kind of behaviour but foisting prison time on him makes about as much sense as arresting the school gossip for malicious defamation of character. The kid is a massive asshole, that goes without saying, but involving the police in this is ridiculous.
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    Poll: Persona 4 anime, good idea?

    In theory it will work because the target market of persona is almost identical to the target market of persona-esque animes, but then again it could just get royally fucked up the back door exit aperture.
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    Show About Games Show: The Cliffhanger

    BEST SHOW ABOUT GAMES SHOW EV4R!!!111!!!!1!1 Seriously though, balls were loled off people; loled [insert dramatic pause] off.
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    Poll: Guys: would you give up your seat on the last lifeboat to women and children?

    I have lifeguard certification and I am a more than capable swimmer and I am well-padded so cold water doesn't bother me that much so yeah I would. Besides I could probably just keep up with the lifeboat while swimming, so if they get rescued, I am sure I could convince someone to hoist me out...
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    Not-Quite Blue Man Plays Zelda Tunes on PVC Pipe

    This is too fucking cool. The guy is a great presenter along with being fairly musically talented as well. The gimmick of the pipe-instrument draws you in but his actual talent, and the fact that he makes it entertaining beyond just listening to the music, is what keeps you watching.