Choo choo! All aboard the Complain Train!


May 8, 2020
The Dreamlands
Lose 1d20 sanity points.
I demand that the white man stop making me use latinx. They have no right to impose their gender neutrality on my language.
Funny, the lack of gender neutral words in Spanish language is kinda inconvenient to me, especially since I tend to use male and female words interchangeably when referring to myself, at least in Spanish, in English it's easier because I just leave it ambiguous, it's easy, in Spanish it's not really possible, though I've never really used the new forms of gender neutral language, my guess is that I'm too used to the form of language I was taught to consider it even if I don't have anything against it.

I'll concede that I'm not fond of the x as it's hard to pronounce, so what @Wintermute says of using an e makes more sense, that being said I don't really feel strongly about this at all.


Made you look...
Apr 10, 2020
Plano, TX
United States
First complaint of 2021! Woo-Hoo!

My girlfriend’s cat (Ellie) has reached a new level of annoyance I thought unfathomable. We traveled to Ohio for Thanksgiving, and while we were gone, my gf’s mom cat sat for us, and introduced Ellie to wet food. She loves it. So much so, the song of my morning for the past month and a half has been persistent meowing, invariably a half an hour before my alarm goes off, if not earlier, meowing that literally doesn’t stop until she has wet food in her face. Also, every time someone goes into the kitchen, meowing. 30 minutes after she gets the wet food she demanded just moments before, meowing. Basically, if she’s not asleep, she’s meowing for wet food. To say this cat gets on my nerves would be to say a forest fire is akin to a campfire. I think hundreds of years from now, mankind will collectively look back on the domestication of cats with the same “what the hell were they thinking” disbelief as we do the Salem Witch Trials.

TL;DR? Cat: free to a good home. Any home. I’d give her to a crack house at this point. In fact, I’ll PAY anyone to take her anywhere that’s not here.