Crysis 2 Will Have the "Best Graphics Ever"


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Nov 29, 2007
"Crysis 2 Will Have the Best 'Graphics Ever'."
Will anyone be able to play the game, then? Will anyone care?
Give me compelling story and gameplay before graphics any day.


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Apr 23, 2008
No gameplay, no substance. So, pretty much another generic shooter. Like a spoiled good looking girl. No thanks. Wipeout HD excelled in both areas and it didn't need extraterrestrial PCs to run.


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Apr 9, 2008
Excellent. With this console generation looking to last quite some time, it's nice to see someone continuing to push the visuals benchmark. Yes, overall, Gameplay trumps graphics, but it is also nice to have someone out there doing this nitty gritty work, and Crytek does it better then anyone. The rest of Cryteks games have always been solid, if fairly standard, gameplay with cheesy but popcorn-actiony story lines. There always fun, and damn pretty.

Also, people need to stop ragging on Crysis having impossible required specs. Even when it was first released, if you had a gaming rig that was so much as acceptable, you could run it. Not on full settings, sure, but who cares? Complaining about that is like complaining about getting $100 now, and another $50 in a few years, because you want all you money right now, and would rather get just $80 all at once. Crysis 2, I can almost guarantee, will have ludicrously high Max specs, but a kind of young, low to midline gaming PC will be able to play it. I know that Ill be getting it. Ill put it on medium settings, and I am completely cool with that.


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May 2, 2009
That "best graphics ever" statement doesn't hold as much weight as it would've done for Crysis 1; 3 years on and we're still on the Crysis plateau! I was kind of hoping Crysis would drive home the message to other developers that graphics aren't everything. Sounds hypocritical I know but where Crysis 1 was concerned, it could legitimately extend that popular gamers phrase with " stop trying to out-render me and focus on gameplay innovation!"

Crytek, when will you stop your relentless GPU genocide and start boasting about actual gameplay innovations you have in store - whether or not they actually come to fruition is beside the point - like all the other developers do?

I don't begrudge Crysis 2's eye candy or the game itself; i just flat out refuse to let it force me to upgrade my PC prematurely.


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Feb 22, 2009
Doubtful, and this is why. Even though it may indeed have some insanely in-depth graphical horsepower, the best part of a graphical system is not THAT it is presented, but HOW.

Even if the character models, scenery, and special effects are all stunningly beautiful, the measure of the game will be in how they interact, and overlay.

Borderlands has a graphical system that isn't anywhere near the best, but it's presented so well that it doesn't matter just how well the characters are drawn, or the environment is simplistic. How well all the parts fit together is what matters.

Braid has some of the most simple graphics, but was incredibly well done, and is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful games I have ever played.


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Sep 18, 2009
Nathan Camarillo said:
Why would anyone not want to play a game with the best graphics they have ever seen...
Maybe because I don't have a computer that can run even Crysis 1 well enough for it to be playable.


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Sep 19, 2009
digitaLbraVo said:
And Camarillo says that in spite of the challenges of getting the game to run on consoles, Crysis 2 is going to set a new benchmark in 2010.
Hahahah! Best graphics, running on a console? Don't worry guys. Any PC made from 2007 and later will have no problem with the game.
Yeah this.

Cool stuff. Crysis is my favorite FPS for this gen, so yay for Crysis 2.

I'm kind of surprised at the amount of people bashing Crysis though. I mean, there's not a whole lot to FPS' in terms of gameplay anyway, so insane graphics becomes one of the major evaluation points for them.
Dannyboy1186 said:
I thought the best graphics ever would be real life.
*obvious observation is obvious*
Nah. RL is ugly. Totally last gen quality.


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Mar 11, 2009
This just in: Soccer balls are round, the sky is blue and the internet is for porn.

In all seriousness, even though that boast won't/can't hold up I'm still sure Crysis 2 will look absolutely amazing; However, spectacular graphics do not a great game make, young padawans, so I'm not going to hold my breath based on announcements over a game apparently primarily sold/hyped via the 'good looks' angle. Right now Pixel Junk Shooter is proving to me once more that when it comes to fun in games, graphics are definitely negligible.


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Jun 28, 2008
I dont think they've realised yet that not everyone is willing to spend £450 on a GTX480..

What they're basically developing is a lovely new benchmarking tool for all of the tech websites to start using now that Crysis has become (relatively) easily run.


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Jun 18, 2008
Joy. A push for graphics means more cut corners. Is it too much to ask for a bit more substance to shooters than just improved graphics?


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Dec 23, 2008
Crysis is predator. First one in a jungle, then the second one in a city?
Invisible dude scaring the crap out of military types and killing them in interesting ways?

Awesome! the first crysis was more of a fun Korean murdering sim, and I hope for more of the same. I want to throw some **** off a skyscraper. And I will.

I don't care about story, because it was pretty useless in the first game beyond a reason to murder Koreans and stand on beaches, looking at the water and throwing crabs.


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Aug 6, 2008
People like FF13 and come here to complain about Crysis 2? This never ceases to amaze me, Crysis 2 will be a benchmark because the developers are acctually TRYING. I can mention a whole bunch of gamedevelopers who dont. *COUGH* EA *COUGH*


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Apr 6, 2009
Doesn't Crytek still hold the title of Best Graphics Ever for Crysis?

And the title for Tricking-People-Into-Spending-Hundreds-Decking-Out-Their-Rigs-For-A-Mediocre-Game?


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Jul 14, 2009
I hope I'm not off when I say that on home consoles I'd like to see this baby run in true 1080p so I can finally appreciate all the bones I laid out for my spiffy new TV.

Arachon said:
Well... Perhaps not the most unexpected statement of the industry this year... But as someone who actually liked Crysis, I must say I'm looking forward to the sequel... And I can't wait to lay my hands on the CryEngine 3 Sandbox....
I'm with you, the last two Crysis games were a blast!