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    Fat shaming vs. necessary dialouge on obesity

    Well, talk to a person with an obesity problem like it was a drug problem. Make them aware of the long term problems that are mostlikely going to lead up to it. Try to avoid shaming/guilt tripping the person, rather try to emphatize that they can find the will and the way to quit.
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    The X1 has lost Microsoft 400 million

    Hating the concept of branding driving consumption is not at all unreasonable. The silver lining in this, if you can call it that, is that its by no means specific to our industry. Ever since the advent of modern marketing somewhere around the 1930's, advertizing has been appealing more and more...
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    The X1 has lost Microsoft 400 million

    Just so it doesn't become a misunderstanding down the line: I'm a PC guy, and I agree with you that it's the best platform for core gaming. However where we disagree is the amount of influence core gamers have on the market. The large majority of gamers are casuals, people who, in the...
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    The X1 has lost Microsoft 400 million

    Fair enough. However, don't you think this will just further push Sony in the lead? It's not like the casual market will suddenly become more interested in the indie scene which can't afford to market their game to large demographics. It's not like developing for the WiiU is cheaper or easier...
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    The X1 has lost Microsoft 400 million

    To people saying it's not a "monopoly", because of PC and Nintendo: 1) Triple A gaming on PC is not a thing for the vast majority of population. PC has never had the branding and media attention that the consoles have had. That the very possibility is foreign to most people, is a vast hurdle...
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    Poll: Sexy convention costumes - okay to stare?

    Dont break no laws (No forced touching, straight up verbal abuse), stop when asked to. Really, going beyond this is just speculating what the other person might find uncomfortable, which you arent morally required to do.
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    Gaming Cardinal Sins

    The Mafia series was always about being very faithful to the movies it takes inspiration from. The tedious and mundane scenes were meant to make the "Mafia arc(TM)" more apparent. (The same rags to riches story every mafia movie basically is.) They were there for the niche who really love the...
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    Let's Talk About Visual Novels

    He, as a person of assumed western culture and upbringing, would prefer media thats tailored to that taste. Hardly a leap in logic.
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    Christian Bale is Moses in First Trailer For Exodus

    Im mainly interested if they can make Moses seem less like a massive **** like he was in the Prince of egypt.
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    Its 'sensationalism' and we know it.

    I'd just like to thank you for this post. Without exaggeration it is one of the best pieces i've read on this site, and most definitely the most reasonable post made about this topic. There are few if any points I disagree with and its heart warming to see someone put the amount of effort into...
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    The hell is wrong with people?!

    I don't know man, saying he went overboard and should have stopped seem like hindsight from a person whos never actually been in a real fight (Like me). I mean the guy in the greenshirt is the one who got assaulted. Now, we don't know if he's ever been in a fight before, but if we assume the...
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    Biggest Difficulty Spike You Have Ever Experienced

    I believe the way the RNG works is that the rolls are generated many actions in advance, as such, saving just before is not going to change the outcome.
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    10 Ways to Get Out of the Friend-Zone!

    I knew exactly well what to expect when clicking the link, but I was expecting a bit more effort in regards to the humor. This is literally 4chan cringe thread level of satire. Usually you don't see this level of stuff on the escapist, but I'm going to assume the whole euphoric joke landed here...
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    If You could be Any Video Game character...

    Duke Nukem. You get to blast aliens and sex up wimmins. I wouldn't wan't to get smashed after just one beer though.
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    Sexual Innuendo in Old Games

    I'm pretty sure Tanya atleast is a parody of some sort. I mean come on. SHAKE EET BABEEH!