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    Science Breakthrough: Plate Armor is Heavy

    Too bad Captain Obvious wasn't around at the time. Could have saved a lot of needless effort.
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    Psychologist Suggests Ditching Age Rating and Going With Content Instead

    In theory, this is a good idea. In practice however, it probably just wouldn't work out. People care little about the rating system enough as is and this won't change that. Because something works in theory, doesn't mean it will acually work out. Theory is a treacherous thing.
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    My friend is considering suicide

    Alright, a friend of mine has been through some pretty rough shit for the past year and a half. She's been bullied relentlesly by almost everyone besides myself and two other people, her parents done seem to give a damn about her and her older sister was killed six months ago in a car...
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    If you were to create a video game

    I've read that short story before XD. Not a bad idead though.
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    The most underrated video game ever

    Armoured Core for answer Maybe I'm just saying that because I legitimatlly enjoy that sort of thing :D
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    The most disturbing thing you've seen in gaming.

    The part in Silent Hill 2 when you see Pyramid Head raping two manniquins. Maybe I was just suprised by it, but it made me fucking sick.
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    what critter scares you the most?

    Wolverine, hands down. Like a badger sort of, but roughly four times worse.
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    Is SOCOM 4 worth it?

    Personally I enjoyed SOCOM up to the point where they stopped being fun. (Fireteam Bravo 2 was the last) However, SOCOM 4 looks decent but people generally seem to dislike it. So, is it really that terrible, or is it worth a try at least? (Note: I ask because I hate wasting money :D)
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    I need a new anime

    Ga-Rei Zero is a very interesting anime if you enjoy action and a deep story. The manga is fairly decent too.
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    What is a good second language to know?

    I'm acually learning Japanese right now, and I know what you mean. It can be a real pain in the ass sometimes >.<
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    What's your favorite anime?

    Ga-Rei Zero is a personal favorite of mine. It has an increadibly deep plot and well developed characters. Definitly worth seeing if you like a strong story. D.Gray-Man is pretty decent too.
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    Poll: Metal and Rap Fans

    Never really liked rap, metal is definatly more enjoyable in my opinion. I have been listening to a lot of Bullet for my Valentine and Megadeath recently, I don't mind the screaming all that much like some people do.
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    Has anyone read Ga-Rei?

    I finished it literally four minutes ago and I thought it was brillaint. I saw the anime prequel Ga-Rei Zero and decided to read the manga. Eaisly one of the best decisions I have ever made. If you havn'et seen ethier, check them out, definitly worth it in my opionion.
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    Would you kill someone you love, because of love?

    I want you to think really hard about this question before you answer it,because this is a difficult question to answer.Think about what it means. Personally, I probably could only do it in the most dire curcumstance, and then still feel terrible about what I had done.
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    An anime that dissapointed

    I agree. I found it almost difficult to finish it because I had lost intrest around the tenth episode. It was okay, just not great.