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    Poll: Alien or Aliens?

    I prefer the tense psychological horror of Alien way over the gun toting, adrenaline overloaded action of Aliens. Definitely the first film for me.
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    Poll: If games cost $69.99 next gen?

    I don't usually buy games right off the bat, I usually wait a bit, and the price tends to dwindle, I'm not really compelled to constantly be up to date with the latest and greatest
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    How the hell is that (not) acceptable?

    Basically it is 'cos it is, If the general societal view was different things would be different. What is normal is dictated by the greater public opinion.
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    Doctor Who: The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe

    It was good, not great though. I hated that they brought the fater back, though I did like them going to Amy and Rory's house. The motherhood symbolism was very overpowering, actually it was basically the whole episode. The whole thing was kind of a mixed bag.
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    White Knights, the true enemies of sexual equality.

    I agree and disagree, sort of. I don't think that helping someone is dehumanizing. I do agree that treating someone as a helpless damsel in destress is as bad as the perpetrators, but chivalry is not nessasarly a bad thing. Treat prople as fucking people, be polite but not patronizing. It is...
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    What does the world have against America?

    I think people hate the effect that America has on the rest of the world. I think it is less about the citizens and more about the government and the way it has impacted other countries. As an Australian I can definitely feel the effect of the GFC, an event that originated in America but...
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    Poll: Would you use Genetic Manipulation as a Body Modification?

    Kitten tail, kitten ears. Actually, make me a cat.
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    You must now live off the last food and drink you consumed!

    Chips and Coffee I'll be dead within a week.
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    Yes/No Thread CLOSED

    No Was that last guy mental or what?
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    An anime that made you cry

    The Girl Who Leaped Though Time
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    The worst game of the year

    Call of Juarez: The Cartel
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    Who yould you want to narrate your life?

    Jodie Foster
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    You know you've played too much _______ when ________

    You know you've played too much Mario when you start jumping on turtles
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    Free your Hate!

    I hate people who say they hate things, but they really only dislike. HATE IS DIFFERENT TO DISLIKE! Hate implies some level of extreme rage against something. It is a strong word that has lost allot of it's meaning due to people who just throw words around. People are so willing to hate these...
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    What are you doing right NOW?

    In bed, browsing the web in my warm dark room.