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    What will you being doing or hope to be doing when the clock hits 12am Saturday night?

    What I'll wish I was doing: Sleeping peacefully, maybe do a little writing. What I will be doing: Hopefully sleeping because I will have to be at work in 6 hours at that point.
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    were you ever bullied in school?

    They tried... oh how they tried. I just kept up a pokerface (Before I even knew that term), and they left me alone. They tried to make fun of my friends? I let them KNOW I was unhappy with it. So in other words, yes and no. But I do have a funny story. There was kind of an unspoken rule at...
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    Riding Unicorns

    At least when I try to post pictures I at least hide them with a [/spoiler] OT: The show is actually quite fun. Just try a few episodes (As usual, the first couple in a series aren't really up to snuff with the rest of the show, but they do introduce the characters, so its good to watch them...
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    Make a Great Game Sound Boring

    Anyway... so I ran around, straight to the right, jumped on the heads of these things that looked like mushrooms with feet, then jumped on a flag pole. Yep, best game ever created all right. :/
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    But I want it nooooow...

    OT: As for something I have waited long for... I guess the biggest one would be Skyrim (Since Oblivion), but as I cleave these underpowered dragons and get killed in 3 hits by an armored bug... I am not sure if I should have...
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    The Black Sheep Of Your Favourite Series

    Devil May Cry 2... yup, ask anyone. They'll know why.
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    Poll: Have you watched violent porn?

    Sorry, I just had to. Anyway, I have... But it depends on what kind of mood I am in...
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    Need a new avatar?

    Need a new avatar? Sorry I had to. I will admit I saved a couple of those for... future use. :3
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    I'm tired of playing violent games.

    Its violent and weird but... Have you tried Catherine? Its quite good... but gets a bit bloody at points. So yeah... most puzzle games are pretty nice.
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    Poll: Do you hold open doors?

    Its kind of a given at my job... I would do it normally, but now I have to stand there with the door, smile, and go "Have a good day!" in the most overly enthusiastic voice you can imagine.
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    What Are You Doing Tonight?

    I've got work... for 9 hours... joy.
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    Simpsons Fans: Why do you hate Season 10?

    Personally, I'll try to watch them as much as I can. I have a few of the Treehouse of Horror DVD's because those are some of my favorite episodes, but other than that I have nothing. I DVR all the episodes on Sundays, and if I can I watch them, but if they get deleted after a week because of the...
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    Poll: Calling your Parents by there First name?

    I only do it when I'm trying to get their attention and they aren't listening to what I'm saying.
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    Lyrics that have personal meaning to you/your life

    Oh yeah, all right Are you going to be in my dreams Tonight? Love You, Love You, (x15) And in the end The love you take Is equal to the love you make. That last verse is just... wow...
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    Modern Warfare 3 Discussion (HATERS NOT WELCOME!)

    I... I will say it (and have said it before) that I am looking forward to the campaign. I am apparently the only one that just plays this for sheer fun. Not for the grind and 2 second lag of the multiplayer, but for the set piece parts of the campaign. ...and maybe that survival mode will be...