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    Awesome Uplifting Music

    Behold, the some of the most uplifting/soothing songs on my ipod
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    I just uninstalled Skyrim

    ...And yet, The world goes on...
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    Notch: Mojang No Longer "Indie"

    MY INDIE CRED NOOOOOOOOOoooo!! (-14 hipster points) WAIT! Now I can say I played minecraft before mojang was a big corporation! (+25 hipster points)
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    Australian McDonald's Now Spraying Thieves With DNA

    ...Wait a minute this isn't new! McDonalds has been spraying their food with mysterious DNA for years now!
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    How do you masticate?

    I start fast, then I slow down, then I go really fast and finish the job!
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    Music Library Shuffle

    1:Hero Of War - Rise Against 2:Kill Everybody - Skrillex 3:Savior - Rise Against 4:Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk 5:Ladies and Gentlemen - Salvia That sums up my taste in music quite nicely actually!
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    Science Unlocks Big Head Mode For Ants

    AAAH. THE ANT PUNS! Oh god the ant puns!! It would be fantastic if I could resist making my own...
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    15-year old Stabs Bully 11 Times at Bus Stop, Gets Away With It

    That's kinda fucked up... I've been bullied before, and I understand how horribly crushing it is but surely there are better ways to take a stand then stabbing someone to death.
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    Poll: What music do YOU listen to

    I listen to a ton of stuff, Punk, dubstep/electro, new rock, pop and rap. ...also several underground indie bands you've probably never heard of... ;D
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    Bored. Need new TV series.

    You should watch Archer. It's amazing.
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    The internet is a strange place - Reptilians and other crazy shit.

    Welp, that's enough internet for me tonight...
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    White Knights, the true enemies of sexual equality.

    This seems pretty appropriate for this thread. You can still be chivalrous (chivalrous?) and not be annoying, it's all about that happy middle ground just be nice to people who aren't dicks :)
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    Why do you hate your life?

    No offense but it must REALLY suck to be you. I'd way rather be "ingorant" and happy then a self loathing humanity hating downer.
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    Rejection... how do you deal with it?

    Well your number one issue is the obsessing part. Don't obsess bro, girls notice that kind of thing. Don't think of the girl you go out on a date with as "The next love of my life" Think of her as a women you find attractive, and wish to get to know better. Best of luck man.
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    Half-Life 3 Logo Appears on Mystery Website

    ...Must...contain...fanboyish joy!!!