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    Worst Game Trade In/ Selling Stories

    Haha, you feel sad for me? Also, what HASN'T been discussed on here before? Look, if you think this is a completely useless, pointless, redundant topic, then move on. You already voiced your opinion about it. Fine. I know I suck at making topics. That's what I get for being curious I guess...
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    valve still the king?

    The last thing I bought remotely Valve related was a Steam Link. That little streaming thing. Bought that and a pair of Network/Powerline adapters so I could play my games downstairs. I was pretty impressed with it. Barring a very, very slight input delay, I'm able to play most games just fine...
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    Worst Game Trade In/ Selling Stories

    I thought it was pretty simple. I'm asking for peoples experience reselling games/consoles, specifically to retailers like Gamestop (I also asked for "single person", as in you met with someone and they tried to rip you off by offering significantly lower than you wanted.) You're telling me...
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    Worst Game Trade In/ Selling Stories

    So today I'm going to get a haircut and then head out to my local game store (not a Gamestop) to get an estimate on a stack of games that I own the PC versions of, or just don't play anymore. Before hand, I went onto Gamestop's trade-in reference and found that, in total, I'd get maybe about...
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    About Big Head/Size Change Codes

    "MY ARTISTIC VISIONNNNN!!!" Honestly, developers (Publisher) are keen on locking things down so people can't effect the game in some way that might potentially make the game appear bad. Even though we know most people would ignore it or think of it as a selling point. Also, time and...
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    Poll: Would you hit a woman in self defence(If it were Ronda Rousey)

    I'd punch my dear old grandmother cold if she was a real threat to me. I'd punch your grandmother too. Self defense is self defense. There's no excuse to threaten someone's life or health regardless of who you are.
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    origin on the house program.. latest free give away

    It's very short for racing game standards, at least, if your goal is to be the Most Wanted list. Took my about 5 hours I think. I even messed around a bit. Beating every race for every car? I'd say maybe 15 hours. But for free? Hey, I liked it while it lasted. And I paid $20 for it.
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    CCP to Halt DUST 514 on PS3 in Favor of Expanding Project Legion

    I tried the game a bit when it first came out. It wasn't a bad game, but it didn't feel incredibly unique either. I played for maybe 10 hours and then gave up. If I remember though, it was a console exclusive online shooter with no aim-assist, and allowed for full mouse and keyboard input...
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    This Fallout: New Vegas Mod Will Add Multiplayer

    There's been a multiplayer attempt for almost every Elder Scrolls and Fallout since Morrowind by desperate fans, and yet the only attempt Bethesda has tried was an average MMO with the Elder Scrolls name. People didn't necessarily want an MMO, they wanted the same games you already make, but...
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    What If: A First Person Shooter on PSP

    I know these kind of games do exist already, but I'm curious of what you guys would think for a control system for a fully featured first person shooter would be on the original Sony handheld. It doesn't even have to be the most obvious control schemes. I think this would be an interesting...
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    Are there no stupid people anymore?

    Calling someone a troll is just easier. People hope it would dismantle a "trolls" statement or argument by preemptively calling them a troll in the first place. "Oh, he said something objectively misinformed and ridiculous? Must be a troll, no point in arguing." There are stupid people...
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    Poll: What can COD franchise do to bounce back as beloved franchise?

    Like most people, I don't necessarily want to watch it disappear or die, but I do want it to take a break. Activision has an important choice, and it STILL somehow has time to make it. Call of Duty can still be a guaranteed money maker in the future, but they need to decide whether to milk...
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    Poll: What is your favourite Metal Gear Solid game?

    If 5 would have kept up the story aspect, I would say MGS 5 is my favorite. However, we all know how that turned out. Fantastic gameplay with sprinkles of story. But as an overall package, I'd still have to go with MGS 3. It easily was the height of the "traditional" MGS formula, and added...
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    Honest opinions on Uplay?

    Well, every time I'm forced to boot it up to play a certain game, it literally freezes my entire computer, making it unresponsive, for upwards of 10 minutes. It does this on three of my computers: My main rig, my laptop, and my brother's PC If it doesn't freeze, it just takes forever to...
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    Those games that only you seemed to like.

    Well, the flack I usually get for liking FFXIII has died down slightly, I still get a bit of shit for it. I'm have the opinion that Final Fantasy games were always linear. Just because they didn't take place in "corridors" doesn't mean they were open. You still spent every game in the linear...