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    Most Embarassing Video Game Confessions

    No matter how many times I start up Grand Theft Auto IV with the best of intentions, the cheats will always go on before the end of the game. Without fail.
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    What game would you want to play again for the first time?

    Portal, Dark Souls, The Walking Dead and anything with the Bethesda name attached (Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Dishonored maybe, you get the picture)
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    What are 5 games you would get a newb to play

    Portal - Funny, User friendly and mostly tutorial Any Pokemon - The levelling up of pokemon can be quite rewarding Call Of Duty 4 - Really god-dam easy and helps to learn First Person Shooters to move onto things like Deus Ex, Half Life or Bioshock Super Mario Bros 3 - My favourite 2D...
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    Your Top 10 FPS of all time

    1. Deus Ex 2. Half Life 2 3. Bioshock 4. Team Fortress 2 5. Fallout 3 6. Borderlands 7. Deus Ex - Human Revolution 8. Metro 2033 9. Battlefield Bad Company 2 10. Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
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    THE Game That Defined Your Childhood

    Ape Escape, I spent months of time on that thing, I got 100% many times, then did the same on 2, 3 never quite enticed me in the same way though which I found somewhat depressing.
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    The most annoying level

    The rooftop section in Dark Messiah where you chase the goblin. It may have been bearable if the movement wasn't so godam clunky.
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    BioWare Defends Mass Effect 3 Launch-Day DLC

    While I wasn't considering getting this anyway, I just want to point out that THIS is why piracy exists.
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    Disappointing Games You'd Buy Again (If they were super cheap)

    Less than $10 dollars and I'd buy a copy of Dead Island for one of my mates, that way I could try the co-op I couldn't do back then because everyone got Space Marine or Gears of War or something.
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    People blaming Obama for the blackouts

    What's hilarious about this is that it is actually a secret plot by Obama and the Illuminati to stop kids from being able to do their homework. Muhuhahaha
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    Steam Winter Sale grand total

    Bastion Mount and Blade: Warband Hard Reset Arkham Asylum Altitude Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack Zeno Clash Dungeon Defenders Deus Ex (Finally gonna play this game) Fallout (Finally gonna play this game) The Bully (Finally gonna play this game) Monday Night Combat Darkest of Days...
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    Steam Trades

    I've actually been lucky as hell. A free copy of Renegade Ops, Arkham Asylum and Day of Defeat: Source. 75% off Valve (which I'll probably spend on Counter Strike: Source which I haven't got even yet) and 66% off Rockstar (Episodes of Liberty City here I come)
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    [UPDATE] Ocean Marketing Attempts To Extort Former Client

    Does anyone know the episode of South Park with the breast cancer? He reminds me of Cartman off that. Surely by now he understand the implications of his actions?
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    Worst Gamer You have Come Across?

    I got DEFCON on the Introversion bundle. My first game I got into it and started having a chat assuming everyone was nice. Then I nuked a guy playing as Asia, my first clue to his nature should have been that he was named "Skullfuker". He then sent me insults through message. Then after a while...
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    Alright kids, weigh in. What is the best RPG yet made?

    I'm going to say Daggerfall. I've liked all of the Elder Scrolls games but Arena felt too unpolished and Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim didn't feel as grand as the first two.