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    Diablo III Game Director Steps Down

    I used to like Jay Wilson. I listened to his game design videos on Diablo 3 and to his Blizzard panels at Blizzcon and such and I enjoyed his well spoken responses. I challenged some ideas he had, but he seemed like he was in control. Then I played 10 minutes in I hated the guy. Few...
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    How disturbed where you when you saw todays Jimquisition?

    I find it offensive and disrespectful for Jimquisition to use this material to prove 'a point'. It might have been a good point to prove, but these means shouldn't be considered, to use a man's death as some sort of proof for some shitty argument, c'mon man. Show some respect. I am in a...
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    Poll: What's the Point of even having a 360 anymore.

    Man, I've been eating Tiramisu with this fork that is slightly bent and you can totally tell from your tongue that the fork is unpleasant in your mouth along with a beautiful Tirami...wait why are people so negative about the 360 all of a sudden? If I had the option I would totally go with a...
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    More Info Released About Dark Souls 2

    Shame, shame, shame. Loved Demon's Souls, loved the overall additions of Dark Souls (altough it seemed like the game was a little less tight, a little more bloated) and now Dark Souls 2 will be something completely else. Really goes to show how 'drastic' this industry changes shit. A guy...
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    Critic Names Star Wars Prequel as World's Best Modern Art

    I like what I read from her statements. I don't agree with it, but I like the strong, unfiltered opinion and honest criticism. We need more critics that just say what they mean, kind of what she hinted at as well. No more wishy washy filtered half-corporate bullshit that oozes out of reviews...
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    Come up with a slogan for The Escapist

    'The Escapist - All gamers are equal,but some gamers are more equal than others.'
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    Poll: Fellow Oldscapists!

    I remember so many things from this site, man...I used to be on constantly and I also lurked since early 2008. I just stayed here all day and read videogame discussion, I can't even imagine doing that now. My most cherished times were from around 2008-mid 2009 when the PS3 vs Xbox battle was...
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    BioWare Co-Founders Retire

    How soon until MS purchase Bioware and make them work on exclusive Kinect games?
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    Germany embassy in Sudan stormed

    Ofcourse Darwin's work was harmful. Given the state of the world back then it was way more offensive to the dominant system of belief than this video is. Nothing should be censored, especially if its a silly video or a satirical cartoon, that's how the west rolls and I hope it stays that way. As...
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    The Big Picture: You Are Wrong About Sucker Punch, Part Two

    I couldn't keep watching this...I...I just couldn't. The little video clips of the movie were enough to remind me how much I hated it. Garbage. Garbage with multiple layers apparently, but nevertheless garbage. ...we need to go derper.
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    The Big Picture: You Are Wrong About Sucker Punch, Part One

    I saw this review, went back in time, created this account and then posted a couple thousand posts just to say this: I saw this movie when it came out and it was disgusting, insulting shit. Everyone sitting in that audience walked out of the theater a little dumber. There's nothing to get...
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    Fur Thread! (No, not that kind... )

    'slaughtered in a humane manner' That's almost poetic. Nice way of putting it.
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    Gameboy Games I should play

    I've played tons and tons of Gameboy games (the original GB) and the fondest for me with the most depth or the most enjoyment value were as following: Kirby's Dreamland 2. Good, quirky game. Fast flowing fun. Along with Mario Land 2 and Mario Land 3 (which is actually Wario Land I think) its...
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    EA Sues Zynga for Copying The Sims Social

    Why is Zynga going down? What happened? 1-2 years ago thay were swimming in cash :|. Someone give me a news scoop!
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    Please let Pokemon gracefully exit.

    I haven't played the new Pokemon games. For all I know they could be very good and bring fresh ideas to the genre but I still don't feel like playing them. The Pokemon make the game for me. Usually when a new game is announced I look at the list of Pokemon and decide if I want to catch them and...